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     3= Ping-Pong Example =
     5== Description ==
     6In this experiment, you will establish a communication protocol within a community. We use a middleware called '''LGI''' (Law-governed interaction) to implement and enforce the protocol. '''LGI''' is developed by [ Naftaly Minsky] of Rutgers University. For more information about '''LGI''', please refer to [ here].
     8The protocol we want to establish is a message exchange protocol, at '''application level''', somewhat analogous to the '''flow control''' discipline of TCP/IP. We allow the exchange of two types of messages: '''ping''' messages, which might represent such things as a question, or a request; and '''pong''' messages, used as a reply to a previously received ping messages. The ping-pong policy regulates the flow of messages between any two actors x, y as follows: x cannot send any pong message to y unless y has previously sent a ping message to x; and x cannot send a second ping message to y unless y answers with a pong message to x following the initial ping.
     10== Work Flow ==
     11[[Image(acontroller-animate.gif, 30%, nolink)]]
     12== Topology ==
     13[[Image(ping-pong-topology.png, 35%, nolink)]]
     15== Tutorial Instructions ==
     20<table id="Table_01" height="409" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">
     21        <tr>
     22                <td>
     23                        <a href=""><img src="" width="152" height="152" alt="Design/Setup"></a>
     24               </td>
     25               <td>
     27             <li><a href="">Part I: Design/Setup</a></li>
     28             <ul>
     29                 <li> Lists of steps for setting up the example </li>
     30             </ul></ul>
     31               </td>
     32        </tr>
     33        <tr>
     34                <td>
     35                        <a href=""><img src="" width="152" height="143" alt="Execute"></a>
     36                </td>
     37                <td>
     38             <ul>
     39<li><a href="">Part II: Execute</a></li>
     40             <ul>
     41                 <li> Lists of steps for executing the example</li>
     42             </ul></ul>
     43                </td>
     44        </tr>
     45        <tr>
     46                <td>
     47                        <a href=""><img src="" width="152" height="114" alt="Finish"></a>
     48                </td>
     50                <td>
     51             <ul>
     52             <li><a href="">Part III: Finish</a></li>
     53             <ul>
     54                 <li> Lists of steps for tearing down the example</li>
     55             </ul></ul>
     56                </td>
     58        </tr>