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Intro to OpenFlow using OVS

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Step 1. Obtain resources

This tutorial can use compute resources from any InstaGENI rack. Users that want to use the iMinds wall testbed please read here. This tutorial cannot be run on most InstaGENI racks because it uses OpenVZ resources available. There are five InstaGENI sites that still support OpenVZ and can run this experiment: GPO IG, NYSERNet IG, Stanford IG, UCLA IG, and Utah IG. The experiment will setup the following:

  • 1 Xen VM with a public IP to be an OpenFlow Ryu controller
  • 1 Xen VM to be the OpenFlow switch
  • 3 OpenVZ containers VMs as hosts

If you are attending a Tutorial, the resources might have been reserved for you, check with your instructor and skip this step. You can use any reservation tool you want to reserve this topology. We will need two slices for this tutorial:

  • A slice with a single VM that runs your OpenFlow controller
  • An slice the reserves your compute resources including a VM with OVS installed.

To reserve resources use your favorite resource reservation tool (Omni, Portal, jFed):

  1. In your slice that will run the OpenFlow controller: Reserve a VM running the controller using the request RSpec
  2. In the slice that will run your hosts: Reserve the topology using the request rspec

iMinds Testbed

The topology for the iMinds testbed is very similar but it uses

  • 1 raw PC as an OVS switch
  • 3 raw PCs as hosts

You can use any reservation tool you want to reserve this on iwall2 using this rspec:


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