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Jacks Bugs

HIGH (required to remove beta)

  • Jacks devel fails to draw imported RSpecs:
  • Removing install/execute scripts from Jacks doesn't modify the RSPec (see proto-ch 1254)
    • If I do the following:
      1. Load an RSpec from a URL (I did:
      2. Edit the RSpec (I removed the install and execute scripts from both nodes using the Remove button)
      3. View, Download, or Reserve the RSpec
    • The resulting RSpec includes the install and execute scripts even though they are deleted in the GUI.
  • Jacks sshes into wrong node when there are duplicate client_ids in a slice (see proto-ch 1257)
    • A portal bug
  • Deconflict manifests so we can combine the manifests from multiple AMs. JON WORKING ON THIS
  • Ensure full constraints based on all AMs work with reasonable defaults JON WORKING ON THIS
    • includes being able to get a reasonable list of available OSes (perhaps constructed from the advertisement)
    • Limit aggregates to bind to things Jacks understands (for example, don't include OpenFlow aggregates)
  • Make saved RSpec format prettified
  • Copy-paste of text (e.g. hostname)
  • For bound requests and all manifest, make sure the site ID is not a number but the site name instead
    • Use site name from component_manager_id if present
  • Proper handling of lan/vlan toggling
  • Make sure we can still reserve at OpenFlow aggregates using canned RSpecs
  • Adding the vtop:link_attribute nomac_learning?JON WORKING ON THIS
  • ExoSM nodes don't highlight as Green when ready


Items here and below are not required to get Jacks out of beta, may be needed by GEC22.

  • UI cleanup items on Jon's list (including changing the router image)
  • FireFox formatting JON WORKING ON THIS
  • bind to a PC (i.e be able to set the component_id on a node; could simply be a textbox for now)


  • key Safari bugs JON WORKING ON THIS
    • This includes fixing the router icon that fails to display
  • Change node ID changes interface ID

Jacks enhancements


  • GEC22 NEW Bigger Jacks pane on both Add Resources and Manifest views.
  • NEW Copy-paste of NODES (see description under (1) below)
  • Remove a node from a LAN
  • full AM API v3 support including
    • view and renew slice expiration times
    • POA commands including restart, reload, create image
  • DONE? ability to specify the URL/URN for a custom OS
  • constraint system that includes:
    • GEC22 selecting the appropriate default link type for inter-aggregate links
    • cannot add an IG VM/raw-pc to a site that is EG and vice-versa


  • Add a LAN with only 1 node (like shared VLAN)
  • NEW Substantial node type features (see description under (2) below)
  • NEW On the listresources.php page, have a combined manifest viewer (like on the slice page) which shows status.
  • NEW Auto-IP


  • Pan / Zoom
  • Show actual path of stitched links
  • Allow moving shared VLAN UI element
  • Support non ASCII OS ???

Explanation of NEW items from above

1) Add "copy and paste" to Jacks (Flack has had it for a long time).

  • Without copy and paste you introduce a huge risk for introducing manual errors.
  • But a big reason we want this is that we are trying to encourage experimenters to define standard node types (or templates if you prefer) which they replicate as needed. Copy and paste is a cheap way of getting this feature.
  • Priority: Not required to get out Jacks out of beta, but top of the list after that

2) We'd also like to discuss adding more substantial support for node types with Jon. We envision two distinct possibilities:

a) Support for Pre-canned node types (a button with a custom icon, OS image, install/execute scripts, even an OF controller that serves a particular function such as "firewall") b) Support for Custom node types. Allow the experimenter to define their own node types (icon, image, install/execute, etc for a a particular function) on the fly.

  • Priority: Nice to have. We like to discuss this with him so it's in the back of his head as he's developing new features.

Jon is also working on (according to Aaron's notes from when we last spoke)

  • cleanup Jacks internals
  • clean up Jacks programmatic interface
  • Jacks shares more semantic information about nodes with the embedding page
  • apply/check constraints when dragging nodes and links, not just when picking an attribute from a drop-down list
  • avoid silent exceptions that cause blank screen