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    v95 v96  
    77 * NEW : RSpecs with a public IP when loaded in Jacks does not have the Public Ip checkbox checked.
    88 * Copy-Paste broken on Firefox
     9  * Partial fixes coming to devel 2/18, with another case still to do
    910 * Shared VLAN link icon not showing in Firefox
    1011  * Actually 2 issues Jon saw
    1112 * Any changes that change the rspec cause modified-topology events
    1213  * Support seeing/handling GRE links differently
     14  * New modified-field event coming to devel 2/18
    1315 * Context
    1416  * Do not make all image URNs at by default
     17   * 2/18: Jon adding a config entry IDing all IG AMs and only applying this hack there
    1518  * Version on image in context is not carried into version on image in RSpec
     19   * Fix will be on devel 2/18
    1620  * Make constraints work when dragging on the palette
    1721   * This is what will block a user from trying to create a link between 2 aggregates that cannot be linked
     22   * Some decisions
     23    * Warn user that a pending action violates constraints (color?)
     24    * Show user that a just completed action violates constraints (error pane?)
     25    * Consider for later
     26     * Output when outputting RSpec a description of actions that started violation, or all entities that are in violation, for use by the Jacks App to warn the user before reserving the resources, or explain to the user any reservation failure
     27     * Full history mechanism (undo?) would help more
     28  * Duplicate constraints coming from generator
     29   * Looping over nodes and generating by AM constraint does not go through de-duping code
     30  * Stitched sites: Stitched Ethernet appears to always be unavailable
    1831  * Tom use latest generator with `--basic` and proper entries in the config for `extra` and `advanced`, tagging OVS images as `nomac` and GRE/EGRE links as ip=auto
    1932   * Experiment Support: Should only GRE/EGRE be auto-iped?
    2033   * Iterate with Jon, test
    2134 * Portal: must reload slice-jacks and Details pages to get ExoGENI login information
    22  * Duplicate node and auto-iping and expanded viewer/editor: all these functions are in place and need testing
     35 * Portal: Duplicate node and auto-iping and expanded viewer/editor: all these functions are in place and need testing
    2336  * Auto-IP causes sites to be named with site number
     37   * Marshall: Do not include site name extension if the node is bound to an AM
    2438  * Expanded editor fails to load in some situations
     39 * Portal: Remove FOAM AMs from Aggregate drop down
     40  * Use aggregate attributes to select only compute aggreagtes
    2642== Low (post-GEC) Priority ==