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    11= Jacks Bugs =
     3= 7/17/15 =
     5Changes before we push to stable (details below):
     6 - Fix 'ghost site'
     7 - More Validation/warning fixes
     8 - Testing
     10Reflecting changes currently on devel, proposed for stable next week:
     11 - 'ghost node' issue (nodes appear due to RSpec from other AM) is fixed
     13When passing in a context, indicate that this is a manifest-viewer by doing this:
     18mode: 'viewer',
     19isManifest: true
     23  - But now there is a 'ghost site' problem (the site for that ghost node is still there). Jon will fix before we push to stable.
     24 - Jacks accepts a 'source_urn' on RSpecs, so selected nodes are tagged with the proper source aggregate, allowing Jacks App to know which EG AM to use. Needs testing.
     26When you pass in a new rspec, there is an optional sourceUrn field now:
     29[{ rspec: myRspec, sourceUrn:
     30   'urn:publicid:...' }, ...]);
     32Now whenever you get a modified-topology event, every node will be tagged with the opaque string from sourceUrn:
     34function modifiedHandler(data)
     36  console.log(data.nodes[i].sourceUrn)
     39sourceUrn may, of course, be undefined if it was added inside the app or if there was no sourceUrn when adding or modifying the topology.
     41 - Can now set link bandwidth. HOWEVER:
     42  - Properties other than capacity in parsed RSpecs are dropped. Jon will fix this.
     43  - Jacks assumes all properties are the same, and picks one randomly to use its capacity. Need to figure out a good solution for this.
     44  - The UI puts the bandwidth on the interface. The UI doesn't make clear that this is only the bandwidth _from_ that interface, and that this limit is for each link from that interface separately, not cumulative. Suggestions?
     45 - You can now specify on default nodes install and execute commands and that you want a routable IP.
     47'routable' is either true or false
     48'execute' is a list of objects with 'command' and 'shell' fields, each of
     49  which are strings.
     50'install' is a list of objects with 'url' and 'install_path' fields, each
     51  of which are strings.
     53 - The bug with a bound site being changed to 'any' but the label doesn't change is fixed.
     54 - The version tag on disk images is now saved
     55 - The merging of EG manifests (see below) is NOT addressed
     56 - Adding an RSpec to an empty Jacks viewer removes that empty site
     57 - You can request a non trivial link. And if the context specifies non trivial, then the checkbox will be checked and disabled - fixing the NEW item listed below
     58 - Validating RSpecs and the warning system needs work still
     59  - Modal dialogs need work
     60  - Need to do more RSpec validation
     61  - Jon hopes to fix some of this before pushing to stable
     62 - Bind to a PC:
     63  - Jon will add this as a usually hidden advanced feature
     64  - This is free text not verified against context or selected aggregate
     65 - Add LAN with only 1 node (like shared LAN)
     66  - still on the todo list
     67 - Allow dragging the link box for shared LAN
     68  - still on the todo list
     69 - Support multi select
     70  - To support Kentucky folks, you'll be able to select multiple things
     71 - Constraint system scaling
     72  - Motivated by Cloudlab, this will improve applying constraints (faster). It may split up the list of disk images into a standard and other list, allowing constraints to usually only check the standard list
     73 - Jacks now supports a 'headless' mode
     74  - For use in validating RSpecs / running constraint checker
     75 - Pan / Zoom
     76  - Need to consider specific use cases
     77   - Is Jacks for editing topologies with 12s of nodes?
     78   - Would a Jacks viewer case be handled with tooltips and a searchable list of nodes on each site?
    379= To deprecate Flack we need =
    480 * Be able to set link bandwidth (in Jacks) (Jon working RSpec change part)