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1. Establish test/experiment environment

User Workspace

  • Using the GEC14 Tutorial VM
  • Inputs:
    • GENI certificate
      • installed in $HOME/.ssl
      • location configured in omni_config
      • stripped the passphrase for automation
    • SSH key pair
      • installed in $HOME/.ssh
      • location configured in omni_config
      • key added to ssh-agent
    • iRODS account
      • username configured in $HOME/.irods/.irodsEnv
      • password stored using iinit
  • All credentials configured using script
  • Outputs:
    • ready to use
    • i-commands ready to use
    • ready to log into nodes in the slice

iRODS server

  • iRODS server on emmy8 was down so I set up my own on

OML server

  • Set up my own OML server on
  • I was not able to get the oml2-server to use the hook script when started as a service (/etc/init.d/oml2-server start) - only when started on the command line:
    $ oml2-server --listen=3003 --data-dir=/users/johren/gimi --logfile=/users/johren/oml_server.log -H /users/johren/
  • Configured hook script to use my iRODS server

2. Obtain slice of GENI resources, install and configure GIMI I&M tools

  • Used omni to create the slice and the sliver on ExoSM aggregate
    • rspec link here
  • Rspec includes an execute service for each node that downloads from the web server (on and runs it with the slicename and nodeid parameters
          <execute command="wget -q -P /tmp ;chmod +x /tmp/;/tmp/ %SLICENAME% NodeB > /tmp/gimi-postboot.log" shell="/bin/sh"/>

3. Run and orchestrate GIMI I&M tools and reference/actual experiment

  • Run the tcp_iperf.rb script using the EC on the UW VM
    $ omf-5.4 exec --no-cmc -S johGIM1208011452 tcp_iperf.rb -- --source1 johGIM1208011452-NodeA --sink johGIM1208011452-NodeC

4. Push I&M measurement results to iRODS archive service

  • This is done by the script
  • I had to do a lot of modification to this script because it is very tailored to the OML server configuration
    • Pulls filename and username from the path of the file so it is very dependent upon the filesystem configuration of the server (e.g. home directories are in /users instead of /home)
    • Had to make some changes to the ichmod commands to get it to work with my iRODS server
  • The hook script currently expects the usernames to begin with "gimi". I had to modify my script to look specifically for my username. This will not currently work on emmy9 when experimenters use their own credentials

5. Pull I&M measurement results from iRODS archive service to UW

  • Ran the command to pull the results from iRODS and run the R script on it to create the images
  • The R script is currently failing and, therefore, not producing the graphs:
    > mydata1 <- dbGetQuery(con, "select oml_sender_id,begin_interval,size,end_interval from iperf_transfer where oml_sender_id=1")
    > intervals1 <- mydata1$end_interval - mydata1$begin_interval
    > throughput1 <- abs(mydata1$size)/intervals1/1024/1024*8
    Error in abs(mydata1$size) :
      Non-numeric argument to mathematical function
    Execution halted
    spawn sudo cp johGIM1208011452.png /var/www/
    [sudo] password for geniuser:
    cp: cannot stat `johGIM1208011452.png': No such file or directory 

6. Observe I&M measurement results on GIMI presentation service

7. Release resources, and cleanup

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