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Notes from Post-GEC14 testing of GIMI

Status of All Tests

8/1/2012 Test execution notes have been moved to GIMIAcceptanceTests/GIMITest8.1.2012

Release Management concerns

As GENI experimenters and operators start to use GIMI and the code evolves, there are some release management issues that we should consider.

  1. Code Delivery
    • How will updates be delivered to the end users?
      • Packages? Tarballs? Repository?
    • What should be included in these releases?
    • Where will these be published?
  2. Versions
    • How will GIMI releases be named?
    • As users report problems and we create tickets, we will need to identify what version of the software was used so the issue can be reproduced and troubleshooted.
    • What versions do we need to track? What dependencies do we have? (e.g. OML server 2.8, iperf-oml2)
  3. Image Updates
    • How often will new static images be created?
    • How will updates be handled between static image releases? Postboot scripts?
    • How does the user identify which image they are running? Can they tell from within the running node?

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