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Basic Environment

  • Ubuntu 10.04
  • Oracle JRE 1.6
  • Tomcat 6
  • Most common tools are installed in /opt
  • Home directories include
    • .ssh
      • SSH key pairs
    • .ssl
      • Protogeni certificate
    • .gcf
      • omni_config
    • rspecs
    • scripts
    • experiments
      • gush.prefs
      • directory for each experiment (assume that gush is run from here)
        • rspecs
          • may symlink back to higher level rpecs
        • scripts
          • may symlink back to higher level scripts
        • directory.xml
        • gush.prefs (default symlink to upper level)
        • helper-scripts
          • symlink to /opt/gush/helper-scripts
          • gush doesn't seem to have a way to access the common location via PATH or config?
        • tests
          • test configurations (XML) for gush


SSH key pair

  • Generated locally
  • Location added to omni_config
  • Public key installed on slice nodes
  • Private key can be added to ssh-agent for password-less login

ProtoGENI certificate

  • Downloaded from Emulab
  • With or without passphrase?
  • Location added to omni_config



  • Installed in /opt/gcf
  • omni_config generated by a script (see Niky)
  • omni_config installed in each users home directory ($HOME/.gcf/omni_config)


  • Installed in /opt/gush
  • Config files installed in each users direc
    • gush.prefs


Digital Object Repository and Data Archive

  • Repository installed in /opt/dorepository
  • web interface installed in /var/lib/tomcat6/webapps
  • Currently uses handle server at
    • Should this be moved local?


  • TBD

GIMI Portal

  • TBD

Measurement Data Object Descriptor Editor

  • TBD

Development Tools?

  • Emacs
  • Screen
  • What do experimenters need? Eclipse? Plugins?

Security Policies

  • Open ports
    • HTTP (80)
    • HTTPS? (443)
    • SSH (22)
  • Passphrases for SSH keys?
    • Can use ssh-agent for running scripts, using GUSH
  • Passphrases for protoGENI certificates?
    • How to script using OMNI?
  • Storing GENI credentials?
  • StrictHostKeyChecking in SSH config?
    • removes fingerprint verification question
    • GUSH suggests this to avoid some issues

Where can I find the workspace?

  • Currently on a BBN internal server. Will be moved to an external server in the near future. [Add link here]
  • OVF image coming soon [Add link here]

The current view of the User Services in the User Workspace is shown in the following figure.

No image "Visio-030212_UseCases_Projects_Figures_Page_05.jpg" attached to JOhrenSandbox/GENIUserWorkspace