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    177177 * This doesn't capture output at all. We could potentially add something to stuff the output into one giant file, but it might be a little hard to sort out, since output is coming back from all of the slivers at once, all intermingled together. We could have each createsliver write an output file, but we'd need to be careful to name them and save them so that the output file from an aggregate in one slice wouldn't overwrite the output from the same aggregate in another slice. For now, we just check later to see what worked and what didn't, and try again by hand if it's not obvious why some things didn't work.
    179 Confirm that all of the slivers' expiration dates are as expected, and [wiki:JBSsandbox/SliceNotes#Forlotsofslivers renew anything that isn't] using my general slice notes.
     179Gather up expiration information, and stuff it into a results file:
     182for slicename in $slices
     184  cd
     185  rm -rf ~/tmp/renewsliver/$slicename
     186  mkdir -p ~/tmp/renewsliver/$slicename
     187  cd ~/tmp/renewsliver/$slicename
     188  for rspec in ${rspecs[$slicename]} ; do outfile=$(echo $(basename $rspec) | sed -e 's/.rspec$//') ; somni $slicename $rspec ; omni --usercredfile=$HOME/.gcf/$USER-geni-usercred.xml --slicecredfile=$HOME/.gcf/$slicename-cred.xml -a $am sliverstatus $slicename >& $outfile ; done
     189  cd ~/tmp/renewsliver/$slicename
     190  grep -h _expires * >> results.txt
     191  for i in * ; do grep _expires $i > /dev/null || echo "no 'expires' lines in $i" ; done >> results.txt
     195Set some variables to match the dates you expect things to expire on (these are just examples, and may need to be edited):
     199mon_day="Apr 28"
     202Look for anomalies in the results files:
     205cd ~/tmp/renewsliver
     206for slicename in $slices ; do echo "==> $slicename" ; grep foam_expires $slicename/results.txt ; done | grep -v "$mm_dd"
     207for slicename in $slices ; do echo "==> $slicename" ; grep orca_expires $slicename/results.txt ; done | grep -v "$mon_day"
     208for slicename in $slices ; do echo "==> $slicename" ; grep pg_expires $slicename/results.txt ; done | grep -v "$mm_dd"
     209for slicename in $slices ; do echo "==> $slicename" ; grep "no 'expires' lines" $slicename/results.txt ; done
     212If you find anomalies, you'll probably need to go back to the original output files to figure out where they came from.
    181214Using my general slice notes, [wiki:JBSsandbox/SliceNotes#Getlogininfo get login info].