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04/21/14 08:16:14 (10 years ago)
Josh Smift

Added some notes about the createsliver loop.


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     173Some notes about that:
     175 * The combination of (a) the ampersand; and (b) the sleep 5m at the end; means that this (a) fires off a createsliver for every aggregate in the slice and runs them all in parallel in the background; (b) sleeps for five minutes between slices, to avoid swamping any aggregates with too many requests at once. That 5m seems to work well for not crashing FV and not overloading InstaGENI, but it could potentially be cranked down if both of those improve.
     177 * This doesn't capture output at all. We could potentially add something to stuff the output into one giant file, but it might be a little hard to sort out, since output is coming back from all of the slivers at once, all intermingled together. We could have each createsliver write an output file, but we'd need to be careful to name them and save them so that the output file from an aggregate in one slice wouldn't overwrite the output from the same aggregate in another slice. For now, we just check later to see what worked and what didn't, and try again by hand if it's not obvious why some things didn't work.
    173179Confirm that all of the slivers' expiration dates are as expected, and [wiki:JBSsandbox/SliceNotes#Forlotsofslivers renew anything that isn't] using my general slice notes.