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INSTOOLS, Instrumentation Tools

What is it?

INSTOOLS gives users the ability to observe and understand the runtime behavior of their experiments. Leveraging existing monitoring capabilities, INSTOOLS creates a simple interface for the user but also allows for a detailed drill down for more advanced purposes. For more details see InstrumentationTools

Quick Start

  • Download the python INSTOOLS scripts and docs
  • See the /docs/README file for more details on using INSTOOLS.
  • You should already have the appropriate accounts and certificates setup. See /docs/INSTOOLS-SETUP.
  • Create your experiment as usual.
  • Once the experiment has been setup, run the script with the appropriate slicename.
    ./ -n slicename
  • You will be prompted for a password. This will be used for the Live View pages and the Portal page.
  • Once the scripts are complete, go to the Portal . For Portal help, see Portal Wiki.