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INSTOOLS, Instrumentize

What is it?

Instrumentize is the INSTOOLS process of creating and deploying a set of measurement tools onto a slice.
For more information about the Instrumentation Tools see INSTOOLS Summary For more information about the INSTOOLS project, see InstrumentationTools.
See the online GEC9 Tutorial for details about setting up INSTOOLS.
See below for a quick overview of how to start using INSTOOLS.

Quick Start

  • Download the python INSTOOLS scripts and docs
  • See the /docs/README file for more details on using INSTOOLS.
  • You should already have the appropriate accounts and certificates setup. See How to use ProtoGen and-or docs/INSTOOLS-SETUP.
  • Make sure that you create a file named in your home directory with the following contents (example is for Kentucky aggregate).
    XMLRPC_SERVER = { "default" : "", "ch" : "" }
  • Create your slice as usual or use the script
    ./ -n slicename rspecfilename

Note that there are sample rspecs in the rspecs directory.

  • Once the experiment has been setup, run the script with the appropriate slicename.
    ./ -n slicename
  • If you are not using ssh agent, you may need to provide the file name of your private key to instrumentize your experiment as
    ./ -n slicename -k private_key_filename
    where private_key_filename is the name of the file storing the private key generated by ssh-keygen.
  • The time needed for the script to run will vary on the number of nodes used and the current server loads.
  • Towards the end, you will be prompted for a password. This will be used for the INSTOOLS Live View pages and the INSTOOLS Portal page.
  • Once the scripts are complete, go to the Portal . For Portal help, see INSTOOLS Portal Wiki.