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InstaGENI Aggregate Name

A name for the aggregate

This InstaGENI aggregate supports the GENI Aggregate Provider Agreement (mm/dd/yyyy).

InstaGENI Aggregate Overview

Aggregate Resources An InstaGENI aggregate includes 5 Hosts (2 VM Servers and 3 dedicated PCs) that can load experimenter specified OS image s. Racks support OpenFlow topologies.
Typical Experiments InstaGENI provides a controllable, predictable, and repeatable network environment. Experimenters can get virtual machines or dedicated PCs on which they have full "root" access, run an operating system of their choice, and connect nodes in an arbitrary topology that can support OpenFlow.
Aggregate Status Monitoring is not widely available at this time. There is restricted access monitoring at
Layer 2 Connectivity List GENI core networks, if any, or other layer 2 networks connect to this aggregate. Please include a network diagram of GENI resource connectivity if possible. Make sure to note firewalls, if any, on both control (layer 3) and data paths.

For OpenFlow Aggregate only, insert the following item:

<<Insert Site Diagram HERE>>

<<Insert OF Port List Here>>

Using this Aggregate

Slice Authorities Recognized GENI Project Office (, ProtoGENI (
Usage Policies Aggregate specific policies on who can use resources, how many resources can be held for how long, etc.
Aggregate Manager URL URL for AM compatible with GENI AM API e.g.

Aggregate Management

Operator/Resource Owner Enter Site Administrator/Site contact information for person or team that operates this aggregate
Operation POC, [
Technical POC Contact information for the PI or research team that develops/maintains the aggregate
Developer Links IG Software:, FOAM:; FlowVisor, InstaGENI design docs:, Developer mailing lists: [