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InstaGENI Project Status Report

Period: GEC15

I. Major accomplishments

InstaGENI hardware design updated to reflect new and end-of-lifed parts
InstaGENI is now offered as an integrated product by HP State, Local, Education, and Public Health (SLED) in the United States, to all public sector customers InstaGENI racks purchased by the University of Kentucky and the Defense Research and Education Network

A. Milestones achieved

II. Description of work performed during last quarter

A. Activities and findings

Updated parts bill of materials
With GENI Project Office, finalized full list of InstaGENI sites
InstaGENI rack used in second slice-around-the-world demo

B. Project participants

Rick McGeer, HP Labs
Narayan Krishnan, HP Labs
Jessica Blaine, HP Labs
Nicki Watts, HP Consulting Services
Michaela Mezo, HP Joe Mambretti, Northwestern
Jim Chen, Northwestern
Rob Ricci, University of Utah
Leigh Stoller, University of Utah
Andy Bavier, PlanetWorks LLC
Nicholas Bastin

C. Publications (individual and organizational)

D. Outreach activities

InstaGENI Presentation, GEC 15
InstaGENI Presentation, Japan Network Virtualization Symposium
InstaGENI Presentation, National Institute of Communications Technology, Japan
InstaGENI Presentation, Internet-2 Meeting
InstaGENI tutorial, GEC 15

E. Collaborations

InstaGENI rack used in second slice-around-the-world demo

F. Other Contributions