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4.8) GENI Portal Service


Provide a first-order definition of a "GENI Portal Service", combining the capabilities of the various "portal services" that have been implemented to date, so that GENI I&M users can use the "GENI Portal Service" when they conduct experiments or instrument infrastructure.


Jim Griffioen and/or Charles ? (INSTOOLS and GEMINI, U Kentucky); Max Ott and/or Christoph Dwertmann (NICTA); Chris Small (NetKarma, IU); Ahmed El-Hassany (IU); Jeanne Ohren (GPO); Harry Mussman (GPO)

1) Definition of topic:

a) Towards Max Ott's vision for experiment support

b) Consider INSTOOLS portal service

c) Define portal service for GIMI tools, with multiple functions.

d) Can these portal services be merged?

e) How can these services be shared by GEMINI?

f) Are these portal services really a combination of gateway and user workspace services, with various available tools?

g) How are partitions for different users managed?

h) Can partictions be assigned to users using WINLAB login service?

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