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4.7) Lookup Service

Lookup Service

Work in Progress

1) Goals

Assume that Lookup Service will be implemented by GEMINI project using UNIS service.

The Lookup Service will

2) Tasks

For a detailed list, see the Spiral 4 SOW of the GEMINI project; these include:

c) Refactor UNIS (combined Lookup and Topology Services) to support hierarchical operation with local and global instances:

  1. Update topology model to Rspec version 3 and AM API (February 2012)
  2. Modifications to allow local UNIS to register with global UNIS (March 2012)
  3. Initial deployment of persistent GENI Global I&M Registry (GGR) service, based on UNIS. (May 2012)
  4. Complete noSQL (MongoDB) backend (September 2012)
  5. Unify Perl and Python implementations (September 2012)

Define, prototype, demonstrate and operate a GENI Lookup service, starting at GEC12.

Support use in GENI by many tools, including GEMINI and GIMI I&M tools

Define operations plan for Lookup Service.

3) Team

? (GEMINI) Giridhar Manepalli (CNRI) Harry Mussman (GPO)

4) Meetings

(organized calls or meetings before GEC13?)

Review conclusions in pre-meeting at GEC13

Review with working team at GEC13

5) Open Issues

6) Definition of Lookup Service

a) Global Lookup Service, as defined by perfSONAR
b) Also global Topology Service? c) Follow UNIS design? d) Include Global UNIS, loaded from Local UNIS in slice?
e) Map MDOD into metadata that is registered
f) Can Lookup Service be used for finding web interfaces, and other types of portals?