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4.6) Messaging Service

XML Messaging Service

Work in Progress

1) Definition of topic:

a) Use for messages, not generalized data; assume relatively low rate.

b) Use for OMF messages.

c) Use for "event record messages", that can be logged.

d) XMPP server, in public IP space. Consider AMQP server? Consider IF-MAP server?

e) Entities connect, and are authenticated.

f) An entity may start a pub/sub node.

g) When an entity subscribes, a message is sent to publisher requesting authorization.

2) Who: Rudra Dutta (NCSU); Anirban Mandal (RENCI); LEAD Christoph Dwertmann (NICTA); Ahmed El-Hassany (IU); Prasad Calyam (OSC); Deniz Gurken (UH)