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4.5) Descriptors, Objects and Registries, and Lookup Service

Descriptor Schema and Registry Service
Object Names and Registry Service
Lookup Service

Work in Progress

1) Definition of topic:

a) MDOD schema, for XML file. References

b) MDOD registry. Use DOR registry? Include in iRODS? Consider IF-MAP server?

c) Object (e.g., I&M service) names; need a public reference. (consider DataCite)

d) Object registry, with names and public key.

e) Home and global Lookup Service, as defined by perfSONAR

f) Map MDOD into metadata that is registered

g) Can Lookup Service be used for finding portals?

h) Also Topology Service? following UNIS?

2) Who: Jason Zurawski (Internet2); Ezra Kissel (U Delaware); Eric Boyd (Internet2); Chris Small (GEMINI, IU); Scott Jensen (Indiana U); Larry Lannom (CNRI); LEAD Giridhar Manepalli (CNRI); Deniz Gurken (GIMI, UH); Aaron Helsinger (GPO)

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