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4.3) I&M Use Cases for Infrastructure Measurement, and Support for Operators

I&M Use Cases for Infrastructure Measurement
Support for Operators

Work in Progress

1) Definition of topic:

a) Delineate what infrastructure monitoring is and is not covered by this approach.

1) Yes: monitoring of clusters/racks
2) Yes: passive measurements of transport switches, etc.
3) Yes: active measurements of IP networks, of Layer 2 and OpenFlow paths

b) Nominal infrastructure measurement process:

1) Setup persistent or on-demand infrastructure measurement slice.
2) Make passive measurements or make active measurements.
3) Gather MD, and observe as it is gathered; formulate MDOD.
4) Store MD in collector, describe with MDOD, and register MDOD so that MD can be shared.
5) Typically share MD with Aggregate Operator, GMOC and/or Experimenters, per policy written into MDOD.
6) Pull MD out of collector, analyze and visualize.
7) Archive MD with MDOD.
8) Share archived MD with others, per policy included within MDOD.
9) Pull MD out of archive, to analyze and/or visualize.

c) What support must be provided for Operator? how?

2) Who: LEAD Martin Swany (Indiana U); Eric Boyd (Internet2); Jason Zurawski (Internet2); Prasad Calyam (Ohio Super Center); Chris Small (Indiana U); Ilia Baldine, for ExoGENI racks (RENCI); ?, for InstaGENI racks (HP); ?, for GMOC