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     4=== 4.3)  I&M Use Cases for Infrastructure Measurement, and Support for Operators ===
     5I&M Use Cases for Infrastructure Measurement  [[BR]]
     6Support for Operators   [[BR]]
     8[wiki:InstMeasTopic_4.3UseCasesInfrastructure  Work in Progress]  [[BR]]
     101)  Definition of topic:  [[BR]]
     12a)  Delineate what infrastructure monitoring is and is not covered by this approach.  [[BR]]
     13  1)  Yes:  monitoring of clusters/racks [[BR]]
     14  2)  Yes:  passive measurements of transport switches, etc.  [[BR]]
     15  3)  Yes:  active measurements of IP networks, of Layer 2 and OpenFlow paths [[BR]]
     17b)  Nominal infrastructure measurement process:  [[BR]]
     18  1)  Setup persistent or on-demand infrastructure measurement slice.  [[BR]]
     19  2)  Make passive measurements or make active measurements.  [[BR]]
     20  3)  Gather MD, and observe as it is gathered;  formulate MDOD.  [[BR]]
     21  4)  Store MD in collector, describe with MDOD, and register MDOD so that MD can be shared.  [[BR]]
     22  5)  Typically share MD with Aggregate Operator, GMOC and/or Experimenters, per policy written into MDOD.  [[BR]]
     23  6)  Pull MD out of collector, analyze and visualize.  [[BR]]
     24  7)  Archive MD with MDOD.  [[BR]]
     25  8)  Share archived MD with others, per policy included within MDOD.  [[BR]]
     26  9)  Pull MD out of archive, to analyze and/or visualize.   [[BR]]
     28c)  What support must be provided for Operator?  how?  [[BR]]
     302)  Who: LEAD  Martin Swany (Indiana U);  Eric Boyd (Internet2);  Jason Zurawski (Internet2);  Prasad Calyam  (Ohio Super Center);  Chris Small (Indiana U);  Ilia Baldine, for ExoGENI racks (RENCI);  ?, for InstaGENI racks (HP);  ?, for GMOC [[BR]]