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4.2) I&M Use Cases for Experiments, and Support for Experimenters

I&M Use Cases for Experiments
Support for Experimenters

4.2UseCasesExperimenters Page

1) Definition of topic:

a) How do we work towards Max Ott's vision for experiment support? slides

b) Nominal experiment use case:

1) Setup and run experiment using Experiment Control Tools, Experiment Orchestration Service and Lab Portal.
2) Setup and run measurements using services within slice, and persistent services. Option: get measurement data from persistent MP.
3) Gather MD, and observe during experiment; formulate MDOD.
4) Archive MD with MDOD.
5) Share archived MD with others, per policy included within MDOD.
6) Pull MD out of archive, to analyze and/or visualize.

c) What support must be provided for Experimenters? how?

d) Extended experiment use cases:

1) WiMAX site measurement 2) LEARN/BEN layer 0,1 or 2 real-time measurements 3) Sensor network (radars, power monitors) 4) Measure DiCloud workflow

2) Who: Max Ott (NICTA); CO-LEAD Jim Griffioen (U Kentucky); Prasad Calyam (Ohio Super Center); CO-LEAD Mike Zink (UMass Amherst)

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