First References

  • Vision for GENI I&M (per Barford on 11/18/09)
    instrumentation and measurement systems provide broad data gathering, analysis and archieval capability
    sufficient for scientific mission
    sufficient for operations
    key for success of the infrastructure
  • Requirementsfor for GENI I&M (initial view) (per Barford on 11/18/09)
    measure details of GENI behavior with high precision and accuracy
    no impact on experiments
    large capacity
    high availability
    strong access control
    tight integration with CFs
  • Conceptual strawman (per Barford on 11/18/09)
    instrumentation - taps in the metwork and systems that provide basic signals
    collection and synthesis - programmable systems that collect, combine and transform basic signals
    archieve - measurement data index and repository
  • DatCat project, that provides a catalog that indexes Internet measurement data, which you can then find, annotate, and cite.
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