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    289 == 4.8) GENI User Portal Services ==
     289== 4.8) GENI User Services ==
    290290Portal Service  [[BR]]
    292292[wiki:InstMeasTopic_4.8PortalService  Work in Progress]  [[BR]]
    294 1)  Definition of topic:  [[BR]]
    296  a)  Towards Max Ott's vision that provides a unified environment for experiment support  [[BR]]
    297  b)  GENI User Workspace Service is a container for a wide range tools including:  experiment control tools;  portal tools;  measurement analysis and presentation tools [[BR]]
    298  c)  Is a Linux OS environment with files system, certificate and credential stores [[BR]]
    299  d)  Linux environment can be hosted on server dedicated to user;  shared among multiple users in an organization;  shared among multiple GENI users. [[BR]]
    300  e)  Many tools interact with GENI aggregates using GENI APIs [[BR]]
    301  f)  Many tools have a user interface, i.e.,a web interface;  these are foten called portal tools [[BR]]
    302  g)  Many tools call other tools through published APIs. [[BR]]
    303  h)  Having all tools in the same container with a certificate store minimizes effort to gain authorizations. [[BR]]
    304  i)  Would prefer a service useful with both GIMI and GEMINI tools [[BR]]
    305  j)  Should compare with CNRI prototype User Workspace service [[BR]]
    306  k)  Operations plan for GENI User Worksapce service [[BR]]
    308 2)  Who: Jim Griffioen and/or Charles Carpenter (U Kentucky);  Max Ott (NICTA);  Christoph Dwertmann (NICTA);  Chris Small, for NetKarma (Internet2);  Ahmed El-Hassany (IU);  Jeanne Ohren (GPO) [[BR]]
     2941)  Goals [[BR]]
     296 Work towards Max Ott's vision for experiment support  [[BR]]
     298 Provide a way for a GENI user (e.g., experimenter or operator) to access a wide variety of "GENI User Services", where each user service provides an interface (e.g., API or GUI) to the user.  Those user services with a GUI (web) interface are often called "portal services".[[BR]]
     300 Together, the "GENI User Services" should provide all of the functions the user needs to setup and run their experiment, then gather, analyze and present the measurement data.   [[BR]]
     302 These services should work together via APIs, etc., to streamline the experiment process. [[BR]]
     3042)  Tasks [[BR]]
     306 Based upon the configuration defined below, the implementation is split into: [[BR]]
     308 1)  A GENI User Workspace Service, which is a persistent Linux OS environment dedicated to the user, that serves as a container for multiple user tools [[BR]]
     310 2)  Multiple GENI User Tools, where each provides a service with an interface or a "portal" to the user. [[BR]]
     312 Define, prototype, deploy and operate a GENI User Workspace Service. [[BR]]
     314 Gather the various "user tools" that have been implemented to date, and fit into GENI User Workspace Service so that GENI I&M users can begin to conveniently conduct experiments or instrument infrastructure. [[BR]]
     316 Optimize "user tools" and their interfaces to better meet the needs of GENI users (e.g., experimenters and operators).  [[BR]]
     3183)  Team [[BR]]
     320  Jim Griffioen and/or Charles Carpenter (INSTOOLS and GEMINI, U Kentucky)  [[BR]]
     321  Max Ott and/or Christoph Dwertmann (NICTA)  [[BR]]
     322  Chris Small  (NetKarma,  IU)  [[BR]]
     323  Ahmed El-Hassany (IU) [[BR]]
     324  Jeanne Ohren (GPO)[[BR]]
     325  Harry Mussman  (GPO) [[BR]]