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    231 == 4.7)  Lookup Service ==
     231== 4.7)  Measurement Information (MI) Service ==
    232232Lookup Service  [[BR]]
    234234[wiki:InstMeasTopic_4.7LookupService  Work in Progress]  [[BR]]
    236 1)  Definition of topic:  [[BR]]
    238  a)  Home and global Lookup Service, as defined by perfSONAR  [[BR]]
    239  b)  Also Topology Service? 
    240  c)  Global UNIS?  Also Local UNIS in slice? [[BR]]
    241  d)  Map MDOD into metadata that is registered  [[BR]]
    242  e)  Can Lookup Service be used for finding web interfaces, and other types of portals?  [[BR]]
    243  f)  Operations plan for Global UNIS. 
    245 2)  Who:  ? (GEMINI);  Giridhar Manepalli (CNRI);  Harry Mussman (GPO)  [[BR]]
     2361)  Goals  [[BR]]
     238 A Lookup Service is a type of registry defined in the perfSONAR toolset;  the availability of MD at perfSONAR interfaces MC services is registered there, using metadata describing the data and its location.
     240 In addition, a similar Topology Service is used to store the topology of the network being examined. 
     242 Together, these services are combined in the Unified Network Information Service (UNIS). 
     244 The GEMINI project includes perfSONAR tools, and requires UNIS functions.  Some will be provided locally (within the slice), but a global service is required if available MD is to be registered, so that users can find it and get it.  [[BR]]
     246 For GENI, the Measurement Information service (MI) will be provided to serve the need for a global UNIS service.
     248 Can the MI service be used for other registry functions?
     250 Can the MI service be used for finding web interfaces, and other types of portals?
     252 Can the MI service be used to provide topology information to assist resource assignment and stitching in GENI? 
     2542)  Tasks  [[BR]]
     256 The MI service will be built by the GEMINI project using UNIS technology;  see the Spiral 4 SOW of the GEMINI project for the detailed steps, which include:  [[BR]]
     2581)      Refactor UNIS (combined Lookup and Topology Services) to support hierarchical operation with local and global instances: [[BR]]
     2592)      Update topology model to Rspec version 3 and AM API (February 2012) [[BR]]
     2602.      Modifications to allow local UNIS to register with global UNIS (March 2012) [[BR]]
     2613.      Initial deployment of persistent GENI Global I&M Registry (GGR) service, based on UNIS. (May 2012) [[BR]]
     2624.      Complete noSQL (MongoDB) backend (September 2012)  [[BR]]
     2635.      Unify Perl and Python implementations (September 2012) [[BR]]
     265 Define, prototype, demonstrate and operate a MI service, starting at GEC12. [[BR]]
     267 Support use in GENI by many tools, including  GEMINI and GIMI I&M tools  [[BR]]
     269 Define operations plan for MI service.  [[BR]]
     2723)  Team  [[BR]]
     274 ? (GEMINI)
     275 Giridhar Manepalli (CNRI)
     276 Harry Mussman (GPO)  [[BR]]