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    5454[wiki:InstMeasTopic_4.2UseCasesExperimenters  Work in Progress]  [[BR]]
    56 1)  Definition of topic:  [[BR]]
    58 a)  How do we work towards Max Ott's vision for experiment support?  [  slides] [[BR]]
    60 b)  Nominal experiment use case:  [[BR]]
    61   1)  Setup and run experiment using Experiment Control Tools, Experiment Orchestration Service and Lab Portal.  [[BR]]
    62   2)  Setup and run measurements using services within slice, and persistent services.  Option:  get measurement data from persistent MP.  [[BR]]
    63   3)  Gather MD, and observe during experiment; formulate MDOD.  [[BR]]
    64   4)  Archive MD with MDOD.  [[BR]]
    65   5)  Share archived MD with others, per policy included within MDOD.  [[BR]]
    66   6)  Pull MD out of archive, to analyze and/or visualize.  [[BR]]
     56=== 1)  Goals ===
     58 From Sec. 2 of  the GENI I&M Architecture document:  [[BR]]
     60  To conduct useful and repeatable experiments, GENI experimenters require extensive and reliable instrumentation and measurement capabilities to gather, analyze, present and archive Measurement Data (MD).  [[BR]]
     62  Remove the burden on researcher to become a system and network measurement infrastructure expert so that researcher can better focus on the science in the experiments  [[BR]]
     64 Work towards Max Ott's vision for experiment support  [[BR]]
     65  [  slides] [[BR]]
     67 Define use cases for a wide range of experiments:  complex (by skilled experimenters) to simple (by novice experimenter, i.e., a student)  [[BR]]
     69===  2)  Tasks ===
     71 Provide a concise but complete definition of I&M Use Cases for Experiments [[BR]]
     73 Identify the support that should be available to experimenters, i.e., on-line instructions, examples and help desks.  [[BR]]
     75 Update the [  GENI I&M Architecture document]:  [[BR]]
     76  Sec. 3.1.  I&M Use cases for Experimenters  [[BR]]
     77  Sec. 4.2.1  Typical Arrangements of I&M Services:  For Experimenter Gathering MD from their Slice  [[BR]]
     78  Sec. 4.3.1  Type 1 I&M Service:  Service Contained within a Slice  [[BR]]
     80 Use as guidance in the design of GENI I&M tools, particularly for the GEMINI and GIMI projects  [[BR]]
     83=== 3)  Team ===
    68 c)  What support must be provided for Experimenters?  how?  [[BR]]
    70 d)  Extended experiment use cases:  [[BR]]
    71   1)  WiMAX site measurement  [[BR]]
    72   2)  LEARN/BEN layer 0,1 or 2 real-time measurements  [[BR]]
    73   3)  Sensor network (radars, power monitors)  [[BR]]
    74   4)  Measure DiCloud workflow  [[BR]]
    77 2)  Who: Max Ott (NICTA);  CO-LEAD  Jim Griffioen (U Kentucky);  Prasad Calyam (Ohio Super Center);  CO-LEAD  Mike Zink (UMass Amherst) [[BR]]
     85 CO-LEAD  Jim Griffioen (U Kentucky)  [[BR]]
     86 Hussamuddin Nasir  (U Kentucky)  [[BR]]
     87 CO-LEAD  Mike Zink (UMass Amherst)  [[BR]]
     88 David Irwin (UMass Amherst)  [[BR]]
     89 Max Ott (NICTA)  [[BR]]
     90 Prasad Calyam (Ohio Super Center)   [[BR]]
     91 Harry Mussman  (GPO) [[BR]]