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     1= 4)  GENI I&M Priority Design Topics  =
     4== Description ==
     6These are the GENI I&M priority design topics that must be resolved to allow the current GENI I&M projects to proceed, particularly the large Sol 3 project (GIMI and GEMINI)  [[BR]]
     8These topics were identified and reviewed at the GEC12 I&M meeting.  [[BR]]
     11== Goals ==
     13Resolve between now (GEC12) and GEC13.  [[BR]]
     15Simplify where possible!   [[BR]]
     17== Approach ==
     19Form teams for each topic, and identify a LEAD for each topic. [[BR]
     21Teams should meet by confernce call, or in person, and complete a report for presentation at GEC13.  [[BR]]
     24== 4.1) List of All Identified Topics ==
     26List:  [[BR]]
     28a)  I&M Use Cases for Experiments  [[BR]]
     30b)  I&M Use Cases for Infrastructure Measurement  [[BR]]
     32c)  Platform Targets  [[BR]]
     34d)  Experiment and Measurement Orchestration Tools  [[BR]]
     36e)  Interfaces/Protocols Between Tools and Services  [[BR]]
     38f)  Descriptor Schema and Registry Service  [[BR]]
     40g)  Object Names and Registry Service  [[BR]]
     42h)  XML Messaging Service  [[BR]]
     44i)  Lookup Service  [[BR]]
     46j)  Portal Service  [[BR]]
     48k)  User Workspace and Archive Services  [[BR]]
     50l)  Operational Services  [[BR]]
     52m)  Services Shared by GIMI and GEMINI projects  [[BR]]
     54n)  Support for Experimenters  [[BR]]
     56o)  Support for Operators   [[BR]]
     59These have been combined and summarized and shown in the sections below.  [[BR]]
     62=== 4.2)  I&M Use Cases for Experiments, and Support for Experimenters  ===
     63I&M Use Cases for Experiments  [[BR]]
     64Support for Experimenters  [[BR]]
     661)  Definition of topic:  [[BR]]
     68a)  How do we work towards Max Ott's vision for experiment support?  [  slides] [[BR]]
     70b)  Nominal experiment use case:  [[BR]]
     71  1)  Setup and run experiment using Experiment Control Tools, Experiment Orchestration Service and Lab Portal.  [[BR]]
     72  2)  Setup and run measurements using services within slice, and persistent services.  Option:  get measurement data from persistent MP.  [[BR]]
     73  3)  Gather MD, and observe during experiment; formulate MDOD.  [[BR]]
     74  4)  Archive MD with MDOD.  [[BR]]
     75  5)  Share archived MD with others, per policy included within MDOD.  [[BR]]
     76  6)  Pull MD out of archive, to analyze and/or visualize.  [[BR]]
     78c)  What support must be provided for Experimenters?  how?  [[BR]]
     802)  Who: Max Ott (NICTA);  Jim Griffioen (U Kentucky);  Prasad Calyam (Ohio Super Center);  Mike Zink (UMass Amherst) [[BR]]
     84=== 4.3)  I&M Use Cases for Infrastructure Measurement, and Support for Operators ===
     85I&M Use Cases for Infrastructure Measurement  [[BR]]
     86Support for Operators   [[BR]]
     881)  Definition of topic:  [[BR]]
     90a)  Delineate what infrastructure monitoring is and is not covered by this approach.  [[BR]]
     91  1)  Yes:  monitoring of clusters/racks [[BR]]
     92  2)  Yes:  passive measurements of transport switches, etc.  [[BR]]
     93  3)  Yes:  active measurements of IP networks, of Layer 2 and OpenFlow paths [[BR]]
     96b)  Nominal infrastructure measurement process:  [[BR]]
     97  1)  Setup persistent or on-demand infrastructure measurement slice.  [[BR]]
     98  2)  Make passive measurements or make active measurements.  [[BR]]
     99  3)  Gather MD, and observe as it is gathered;  formulate MDOD.  [[BR]]
     100  4)  Store MD in collector, describe with MDOD, and register MDOD so that MD can be shared.  [[BR]]
     101  5)  Typically share MD with Aggregate Operator, GMOC and/or Experimenters, per policy written into MDOD.  [[BR]]
     102  6)  Pull MD out of collector, analyze and visualize.  [[BR]]
     103  7)  Archive MD with MDOD.  [[BR]]
     104  8)  Share archived MD with others, per policy included within MDOD.  [[BR]]
     105  9)  Pull MD out of archive, to analyze and/or visualize.   [[BR]]
     107c)  What support must be provided for Operator?  how?  [[BR]]
     1092)  Who: Martin Swany (Indiana U);  Eric Boyd (Internet2);  Jason Zurawski (Internet2);  Chris Small (Indiana U);  Ilia Baldine, for ExoGENI racks (RENCI);  ?, for InstaGENI racks (?)[[BR]]
     111=== 4.4)  GENI Environment  ===
     112Platform Targets  [[BR]]
     113Experiment and Measurement Orchestration Tools  [[BR]]
     114Interfaces/Protocols Between Tools and Services  [[BR]]
     1161)  Definition of topic:  [[BR]]
     118a)  Platform targets: [[BR]]
     119  1)  protoGENI servers/VMs [[BR]]
     120  2)  ORCA servers/VMs [[BR]]
     121  3)  WiMAX sites [[BR]]
     122  4)  ExoGENI (RENCI) racks;  like ORCA [[BR]]
     123  5)  TransCloud (HP) racks;  like protoGENI? [[BR]]
     124  6)  PlanetLab
     126b) Experiment and Measurement Orchestration tools: [[BR]]
     127  1)  FLACK [[BR]]
     128  2)  GUSH (with Omni) [[BR]]
     129  3)  SFACE + RAVEN [[BR]]
     131c) Interfaces/protocols between tools and services: [[BR]]
     132  1)  protoGENI API, with protoGENI RSpec v2, for resource assignment [[BR]]
     133  2)  GENI AM API, with protoGENI RSpec v2, for resource assignment [[BR]]
     134  3)  ns for topology [[BR]]
     135  4)  ssh for image loading [[BR]]
     136  5)  OMF messages for orchestration [[BR]]
     1382)  Who: Martin Swany (IU);  Jim Griffioen (U Kentucky);  Ilia Baldine, for ExoGENI racks (RENCI);  ?, for InstaGENI racks (?);  David Irwin (UMass Amherst);  Mike Zink (UMass Amherst);  Christoph Dwertmann (NICTA);  Tom Mitchell (GPO);  Aaron Helsinger (GPO)  [[BR]]
     142=== 4.5)  Descriptors, Objects and Registries, and Lookup Service  ===
     143Descriptor Schema and Registry Service  [[BR]]
     144Object Names and Registry Service  [[BR]]
     145Lookup Service  [[BR]]
     1471)  Definition of topic:  [[BR]]
     149a)  MDOD schema, for XML file.  [  References]  [[BR]]
     151b)  MDOD registry.  Use DOR registry? Include in iRODS? Consider IF-MAP server? [[BR]]
     153c)  Object (e.g., I&M service) names.  [[BR]]
     155d)  Object registry, with names and public key. [[BR]]
     157e)  Home and global Lookup Service, as defined by perfSONAR  [[BR]]
     159f)  Map MDOD into metadata that is registered  [[BR]]
     161g)  Can Lookup Service be used for finding portals?  [[BR]]
     163h)  Also Topology Service?  following UNIS?  [[BR]]
     1652)  Who:  Jason Zurawski (Internet2);  Ezra Kissel (U Delaware);  Eric Boyd (Internet2);  Scott Jensen (Indiana U);  Larry Lannom (CNRI);  LEAD Giridhar Manepalli (CNRI);  Deniz Gurken (UH);  Aaron Helsinger (GPO)  [[BR]]
     169=== 4.6)  Messaging Service ===
     170XML Messaging Service  [[BR]]
     1721)  Definition of topic:  [[BR]]
     174a)  XMPP server, in public IP space.   Consider AMQP server?  Consider IF-MAP server? [[BR]]
     176b)  Entities connect, and are authenticated.  [[BR]]
     178c)  An entity may start a pub/sub node.  [[BR]]
     180d)  When an entity subscribes, a message is sent to publisher requesting authorization.  [[BR]]
     182e)  Use for OMF messages.  [[BR]]
     184f)  Use for "event record messages".  [[BR]]
     1862)  Who: Rudra Dutta (NCSU);  Shu Huang (RENCI);  Chirstoph Dwertmann (NICTA);  Martin Swany (IU);  Prasad Calyam (OSC);  Deniz Gurken (UH) [[BR]]
     189=== 4.7)  Lookup Service ===
     190Lookup Service  [[BR]]
     192Note:  Merged into 4.5)  [[BR]]
     196=== 4.8)  Portal Service ===
     197Portal Service  [[BR]]
     1991)  Definition of topic:  [[BR]]
     201a) Towards Max Ott's vision for experiment support  [[BR]]
     203b) Consider INSTOOLS portal service [[BR]]
     205c) Define portal service for GIMI tools, with multiple functions. [[BR]]
     207d) How are partitions for different users managed? [[BR]]
     209e) Can these portal services be merged?
     211f) Are these portal services really a combination of gateway and user workspace services?[[BR]]
     2132)  Who: Jim Griffioen or ? (U Kentucky);  Christoph Dwertmann (NICTA);  Jason Zurawski, for NetKarma (Internet2) [[BR]]
     216=== 4.9)  User Workspace and Archive Services ===
     217User Workspace and Archive Services  [[BR]]
     2191)  Definition of topic:  [[BR]]
     221a)  Consider CNRI prototype user workspace and archive service [[BR]]
     223b)  Consider U Kentucky archive service [[BR]]
     225c)  Consider iRODS service [[BR]]
     227d)  How to move data to service:  move file;  move SQL DB;  or? [[BR]]
     229e)  How are partitions for different users managed? [[BR]]
     231f)  How is data in MDOD used to set archive sharing policy?  what is required in MDOD? [[BR]]
     2332)  Who: Giridhar Manepalli (CNRI);  Shu Huang (RENCI) ;  Larry Lannom (CNRI);  Wesley Wu (U Kentucky) [[BR]]
     236=== 4.10 Operational Services ===
     237Persistent Operational Services  [[BR]]
     238Services Shared by GIMI and GEMINI  [[BR]]
     2401)  Definition of topic:  [[BR]]
     242a)  What persistent operational services must be supported: [[BR]]
     243  1)  Descriptor registry.  DOR?  iRODS? IF-MAP? [[BR]]
     244  2)  Object registry.  DOR? [[BR]]
     245  3)  XML messaging service [[BR]]
     246  4)  Home and global Lookup Services;  also Topology Service?  UNIS?  [[BR]]
     247  5)  INSTOOLS portal service [[BR]]
     248  6)  GIMI portal service [[BR]]
     249  7)  U Kentucky archive service [[BR]]
     250  8)  CNRI prototype user workspace and archive service [[BR]]
     251  9)  iRODs archive service [[BR]]
     253b)  What services can be shared by GIMI and GEMINI tools? [[BR]]
     255c)  How do these relate to other GENI services/functions, including clearinghouse?
     2572)  Who: Mike Zink (UMass Amherst);  Martin Swany (Inidana U);  Jim Griffioen (U Kentucky);  Giridhar Manepalli (CNRI);  Aaron Helsinger (GPO)   [[BR]]