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Once a slice is instrumentized using INSTOOLS, INSTOOLS automatically begins collecting traffic measurement data for the slice. The following provides and overview of the types of data that are collected and made available by INSTOOLS. This information is presented to the user via the INSTOOLS Live View interface and the INSTOOLS Portal.


INSTOOLS shows the contents of a variety of configuration tables, routing tables, caches, etc. The following is a list of tables that are available on most network nodes:

  • ARP table
  • IP Address Table
  • Loaded Kernel Modules Table (module list obtained from "lsmod" command on Linux )
  • Process Table (process list obatined from "top" command on Linux)
  • Routing Tables
  • Active TCP connections
  • Active UDP Listeners


INSTOOLS is able to plot traffic graphics for nodes and links. In particular, the following graphs are generated automatically by INSTOOLS:

  • Node CPU Utilization Graph - ( CPU usage [user and system] v/s time)
  • Node Memory Utilization Graph - (Memory usage in KB v/s time)
  • Node Total Traffic Graph (bytes v/s time)
  • Node IMCP Traffic Graph (packets v/s time)
  • Node Total TCP traffic graph (packets v/s time)
  • Node Total UDP traffic graph (packets v/s time)
  • Node Total IP traffic graph (packets v/s time)
  • Link Interface Traffic (byte count v/s time)
  • Link Unicast Traffic (packet count v/s time)
    • (In case of links, there are two graphs, one for each interface on the link)
  • Netflow graphs are available for a variety of ports/protocols including: "169","255",ah,eigrp,esp,icmp,ipinip,normal,skip,tcp,udp,aim, bo2k, dc, dns, edonkey, ftp, gnutella, http, https, imap, irc, kazaa, nntp, pop3, real, smtp, ssh, telnet,

Example Graphs

CPU Graph IP Graph Memory Graph Traffic Graph UDP Graph

Example Tables

Address Table ARP Table UDP Table

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