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What is it?

The INSTOOLS Live View page is an interface for accessing the complete collection of measurements for a Measurement Controller (MC). This includes the graphs and tables for each machine and its links.

CPU Graph Memory Graph UDP Graph

Address Table ARP Table UDP Table

A extensive list of the types of data that collected is available on the INSTOOLs data page.

Quick Start

The experiment must have been instrumentized. The best method is to use the FLACK client's "Instrumentize" button. The INSTOOLS Live View is installed on each Measurement Controller. It can be access via a web browser by going to the MC's URL, however the prefered method is to press the "Go To Portal" button in FLACK. This will take you to the INSTOOLS Portal page. Click on the machine node's icon to bring up the control form. The "All Graphs" button will take you to the INSTOOLS Live View page.

drupal menu
The menu options include:

  • My account Your account settings.
  • Proto Geni
    • Archive Page to create and view archived checkpoints.
    • Node Name Each node has its own menu.
      • Graph Graphs for the node.
        • Link Name Graphs for each link connected to the node.
        • Netflow Netflow graphs.
        • Node Graphs pertaining to the machines usage.
      • Table Tables for the node.
        • ARP
        • Address
        • Loaded Modules
        • Process Info
        • Routing
        • TCP Connections
        • UDP Listeners
      • VNC Options to connect to node via XTERM or with Wireshark
  • Logout to logout.

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