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     1= INSTOOLS, Instrumentize =
     3INSTOOLS can now be added to your slice using [ FLACK] and a single button press. See [wiki:INSTOOLSSummary INSTOOLS Summary] for details. For documentation purposes and project history, the following describes the former script method.
     5== What is it? ==
     7Instrumentize is the INSTOOLS process of creating and deploying a set of measurement tools onto a slice.
     9For more information about the Instrumentation Tools see [wiki:INSTOOLSSummary INSTOOLS Summary]
     10For more information about the INSTOOLS project, see [wiki:InstrumentationTools InstrumentationTools].
     12See the online [ GEC9 Tutorial] for details about setting up INSTOOLS.
     14See below for a quick overview of how to start using INSTOOLS.
     16== Quick Start ==
     18 * Download the [  python INSTOOLS scripts and docs]
     19 * See the /docs/README file for more details on using INSTOOLS.
     20 * You should already have the appropriate accounts and certificates setup. See [ How to use ProtoGen] and-or docs/INSTOOLS-SETUP.
     21 * Make sure that you create a file named '''' in your home
     22  directory with the following contents (example is for Kentucky aggregate).
     24XMLRPC_SERVER = { "default" : "", "ch" : "" }
     26 * Create your slice as usual or use the script
     28./ -n slicename rspecfilename
     30Note that there are sample rspecs in the rspecs directory.
     31 * Once the experiment has been setup, run the script with the appropriate slicename.
     33./ -n slicename
     35   If you are not using ssh agent, you may need to provide the file name of your private key to instrumentize your experiment.
     36  {{{
     37./ -n slicename -k private_key_filename
     39  where ''private_key_filename'' is the name of the file storing the private key generated by ssh-keygen.
     41 * The time needed for the script to run will vary on the number of nodes used and the current server loads.
     42 * Towards the end, you will be prompted for a password. This will be used for the [wiki:INSTOOLSInterface INSTOOLS Live View] pages and the INSTOOLS Portal page.
     43 * Once the scripts are complete, go to the [ Portal ]. For Portal help, see [wiki:SlicePortal INSTOOLS Portal Wiki].