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Project Title

InstaGENI: An instant worldwide GENI Network

Technical Contacts

PI: Rick McGeer, HP Labs, Rick McGeer
co-Pi: Joe Mambretti, Northwestern University
co-Pi: Rob Ricci, University of Utah
co-Pi: Andy Bavier, PlanetWorks
co-PI: Nicholas Bastin

Participating Organizations

HP Labs
Northwestern University
University of Utah
PlanetWorks, LLC

GPO Liaison System Engineer

GPO System Engineer: Heidi Dempsey


This project will design, document, build, deploy and support GENI racks at sites that are interested in experimentation and integration with GENI. The main hardware components of each rack include an HP OpenFlow switch, an HP Blade chassis, and at least three dual-socket quad-core blade servers. Each server will include 4TB storage and HP Integrated Lights-Out Management software (iLO) providing in-situ remote monitoring and remote management, including reboot and diagnosis functions.
This project will fully integrate, test, and maintain a complete software system for managing and monitoring rack resources. Each GENI rack will be fully compliant with GENI software standards for GENI aggregates, as published at GENI Engineering Conferences. Each rack will provide a single GENI Aggregate Manager controlling access to the rack’s on-board resources. The racks will support GENI experimenter access via the GENI control framework, and credentials from all GENI-federated trust authorities, as published at GENI Engineering Conferences. Each rack will support shared GENI monitoring and operations procedures and interfaces for the meso-scale infrastructure as published at GENI Engineering Conferences.
The project will provide software support for the racks, which includes hardware and software monitoring, bug reporting and fixing, integration and testing, scalability and security enhancements as needed, and updates to comply with published GENI software standards. The project will play an active role in discussions about new standards for GENI software. The project will support GENI architecture and prototyping activities for rack forensics, stitching, and integration with GENI Instrumentation and Measurement systems.

Current Capabilities

The current InstaGENI rack design uses !ProtoGENI and FOAM as the native aggregate managers, and PlanetLab as an instantiated node image under !ProtoGENI. Current node types supported are !ProtoGENI shared nodes (equivalent to virtual nodes in the existing !ProtoGENI infrastructures), !ProtoGENI dedicated nodes (equivalent to physical nodes in the existing !ProtoGENI infrastructures), and PlanetLab shared nodes. The PlanetLab shared nodes are !ProtoGENI dedicated nodes running the PlanetLab node image; shared nodes are classic PlanetLab slivers, indistinguishable from slivers running on current PlanetLab nodes


Spiral 4

Project Technical Documents

The !InstaGENI Design Document is here:

Post-GEC Status Reports

Please use this status report template: QuarterlyStatusReportTemplate

GEC 13 !InstaGENI Status Report: InstaGeniGec13StatusReport

Spiral 2 Connectivity

Links to wiki pages about details of infrastructure that the project is using (if any). Examples include IP addresses, hostnames, URLs, DNS servers, local site network maps, VLANIDs (if permanent VLANs are used), pointers to public keys. GPO may do first drafts of any of these and have the PI correct them to bootstrap. May also include ticket links for pending or known connectivity issues. Many projects will have a full tree of wiki pages here.

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