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Interoperability of I&M Tools on GENI Racks

1) Goals

The primary goal of this effort is to get the GIMI and GEMINI tools working on both InstaGENI and ExoGENI racks by GEC17.

To work toward this goal, we need to address items in the following areas:

  • Tools
    • Sliver creation (Flack/Flukes/Omni)
    • Presentation/Orchestration (GENI Desktop/Labwiki)
    • Archival (iRODS)
  • Resources
  • Images
  • Rspecs
  • Configuration
    • initialize/instrumentize
    • postboot scripts
  • Testing
    • What are the basic use cases?
  • Certificates
    • We should be able to use certificates issued by all four of these authorities for both sets of tools
      • Utah emulab, UKY emulab, PGENI, GENI Portal

2) Mailing lists

These lists should be used for help on questions or issues with each of the racks. Subscribing to each of these lists will allow you to see the latest questions, answers, known issues and scheduled downtime related to each of the racks.

3) Known differences between racks

Virtualization technology KVM openvz
Images requires separate filesystem/kernel/ramdisk images, highly recommended to add NEuca guest extensions, must run on KVM Because VMs are openvz containers, must be same OS as hypervisor (Fedora)
Data plane IPs doesn't auto-assign IPs when not specified in request auto-assigns IPs when not specified in request
Login information Not available in manifest until resources are active Available as soon as resources are provisioned

See the GENI Racks RSpecs page for a summary of RSpec differences and observed behavior found in a walk-through of RSpec scenarios.

3) GIMI on InstaGENI

3.1) Tools

  • Sliver creation
    • Flack
    • Omni
  • Presentation/Orchestration
    • Labwiki
    • OMF/OML

3.2) Resources

No known resource restrictions identified yet.

3.3) Images

  • Create custom VM image
  • Fedora
    • common Ubuntu image not expected until July

3.4) Rspecs

  • Convert current tutorial RDF to rspec
    • Should work if only nodes and links are specified
    • Changes required
      • images changed
      • sliver-types changed (different virtualization)
      • component managers removed
  • Test the rspec on InstaGENI using both Flack and omni

3.5) Configuration

  • Convert postboot functionality into execute service script

3.6) Certificates

  • Certificates not yet used for Labwiki

3.7) Testing

Browser Compatibility

Mac Ubuntu 12.04 Windows 7
Safari N/A

3.8) Demos


  • Labwiki instance running on ExoGENI slice




4.1) Tools

4.2) Resources

  • Main concern is public IPs with access to certain ports for instrumentation
  • Ilia confirms that all nodes have public IPs assigned. He will check if there are any port restrictions.

4.3) Images

4.4) Rspecs

  • How does ExoGENI handle GEMINI extensions?
    • Outstanding issue: ORCA is not able to pass thru extensions that is does not know about to the manifest. This includes Flack and GEMINI extensions.
    • Let's discuss a more general 'measurement' extension for RSpecs usable by GIMI and GEMINI. We can add an NDL extension to support it in ORCA /ib
  • Convert current tutorial rspec to RDF
  • Test the RDF on ExoGENI using Flukes
  • Test the rspec on ExoGENI using omni
  • Test the rspec on ExoGENI using Flack when it is ready

4.5) Configuration

  • Test the initialize/instrumentize scripts work on ExoGENI nodes
  • Ahmed has tested converting ExoGENI manifest into UNIS schema
  • Hussam reported earlier that GENI Desktop relies on location tags in the manifest for lat/long in topology map
    • Ilia will look into possibly adding these to the ExoGENI rspec

4.6) Certificates

  • All four types of certificates should work for GENI Desktop login and instrumentize

4.7) Testing

Certificate Compatibility

Login Instrumentize
Utah Emulab
UKY Emulab
GENI Portal

Browser Compatibility

Mac Ubuntu 12.04 Windows 7
Safari N/A

4.8) Tickets

These are tickets addressing issues that GEMINI has also encountered during testing/investigation: SSH Keys: Only one ssh key is installed

4.9) Demos




5) Team

Jeanne Ohren (BBN)

Luisa Nevers (BBN)

Ezra Kissel (IU)

Hussman Nasir (Kentucky)

Ilia Baldine (RENCI)

Cong Wang (UMass Amherst)

Mike Zink (UMass Amherst)

Divyashri Bhat (UMass Amherst)

6) Planning and Status Meetings




051313; 2-4pm EDT; GIMI demo session

051413; 2-4pm EDT; GEMINI demo session


061013; 2-4pm EDT; GIMI demo session; bulk of work done on v2 GIMI Portal

061113; 2-4pm EDT; GEMINI demo session; bulk of work done on v2 GIMI Portal



070813; 2-4pm EDT; GIMI demo session; v2 ready for testing

070913; 2-4pm EDT; GEMINI demo session; v2 ready for testing


072113 - 072313 is GEC17

7) Key Task List

ID Description Assignee Due Status Notes
1 Create basic Fedora image for ExoGENI Ezra, Hussam, and Jeanne Color(green, Complete)? Decided to use CentOS image
2 Create custom GIMI image for InstaGENI Divya and Cong 5/9/2013 Color(#B0E0E6, In Progress)?
3 Convert current GIMI tutorial RDF to rspec Jeanne Color(#FF6600, On Hold)? On hold, may not be necessary
4 Test the GIMI rspec on InstaGENI using both Flack and omni Jeanne and Luisa Color(yellow, Blocked)? Waiting for rspecs from Divya or Mike
5 Convert postboot functionality into execute service script Mike and Cong 5/9/2013 Color(#B0E0E6, In Progress)?
6 Determine basic use cases for testing both sets of tools Jeanne
7 Test the GEMINI rspec on ExoGENI using omni Ezra 5/9/2013 Color(#B0E0E6, In Progress)?
8 Test the rspec on ExoGENI using Flack Ezra, Hussam, and Luisa Color(#B0E0E6, In Progress)? Waiting for Flack fixes
9 Determine if initialize and instrumentize can get everything it needs from the ExoGENI manifest Hussam 5/9/2013 Color(#B0E0E6, In Progress)? Done by inspection, will try with CentOS image
10 Look into possible common measurement extensions for ExoGENI Ilia, Ezra, Hussam, and Mike Color(#B0E0E6, In Progress)? Ready to discuss on 5/9/2013
11 Add support for GENI Portal certificates in GENI Desktop Hussam 5/23/2013 Color(#B0E0E6, In Progress)? Working with Tom and Aaron
12 Look into adding location (lat/lon) tags to the ExoGENI manifest Ilia 5/23/2013 Color(#B0E0E6, In Progress)?
13 Create custom GEMINI image for InstaGENI 6/27/2013

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