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    8786=== Current Capabilities ===
    8988The overall architecture of the project has been articulated.  The first diagram below shows the experimenter view of the proposed system; realization of this is part of our Year 2 goals.  The second diagram below shows the component systems interaction architecture. [[BR]]
     90January 2011 update: Upon consultation with GPO, the priorities of the project have been revised a little.  Year 2 (Spiral 3) goals now focus on integrating the developed IMF capabilities for measurement,  and transfer of measurement (from substrate to in-slice stack), with existing GENI Inst&Meas capabilities; specifically, to integrate and install perfSONAR (pS) MPs and archives to collect performance measurement data from Polatis switches and Infinera DWDM platforms on 4 BEN sites, and (subsequently) integrate pS MP polling into IMF to demonstrate ability of in-slice reactive protocols to consume these measurements and react accordingly.  At GEC10, the first of these (collecting performance data from Polatis using pS) capability has been completed.  This leverages Spiral 3 goals of the ERM project team, who also form the Columbia U part of the IMF team.
    9192=== Experiment View (Feb 2010) ===
    103104[[Image(GEC8_demo_nutshell.png, 80%)]] [[BR]]
     106==== Update (as of March, 2011) ====
     108In line with the Spiral 3 goals of IMF, the architecture has been modified to include a pS MP to mediate the measurement from the Polatis switches, utilizing the ERM project capability which creates pS functionality into the switch, as shown in the diagram below.  The pS MP can continue to serve other pS clients, and the IMF client can use other mechanisms (such as that developed in Spiral 2) to obtain measurements, in addition to this.  This is shown in the diagram below.  The substrate control part is currently not shown, since this will require newer pS functionality to be available for integration.
    105110=== Milestones ===
    133138[ Presentation at GEC8 Cluster D ][[BR]]
    134139[ Poster presented at GEC8 demo session][[BR]]
     140[ Poster presented at GEC10 demo session][[BR]]
    136142[ Spiral 2 Review presentation][[BR]]
    155161[ Status ending 1st Quarter, 2010 ][[BR]]
    156162[ Status ending 2nd Quarter, 2010 ][[BR]]
     163(Starting Spiral 3 switching to "after-GEC" reporting cycle)[[BR]]
     164After GEC9 - No report, contract renewal still in negotiation[[BR]]
    158166=== Spiral 2 Connectivity ===