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iGENI: A Distributed Network Research Infrastructure for the Global Environment for Network Innovation
a.k.a. IGENI

Technical Contacts

PI: Joe Mambretti Northwestern University, International Center for Advanced Internet Research (iCAIR,
Co-PI: Maxine Brown Electronic Visualization Laboratory (EVL, University of Illinois at Chicago
Co-PI: Thomas A. DeFanti California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology (Calit2) University of California, San Diego

Participating Organizations

Northwestern University, International Center for Advanced Internet Research (iCAIR)
University of Illinois at Chicago, Electronic Visualization Laboratory (EVL)
California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology (Calit2)

Related Projects

GPO Liaison System Engineer

Harry Mussman


This project will define, design and implement iGENI, a distributed network research infrastructure; integrate it with current and planned GENI resources; and operate it for the use of GENI researchers conducting experiments that involve multiple aggregates (at multiple sites).
The iGENI infrastructure will be defined in collaboration with the GPO and other GENI projects to expand the controllable transport services available to GENI researchers, and make GENI available to more research communities.

The iGENI infrastructure will connect existing resources with iCAIR involvement (e.g. StarLight) with current GENI backbone transport resources (e.g., Internet2 and NLR layer 2/Ethernet VLANs); current and planned GENI regional transport resources (e.g., BEN, CENIC, and others ); and additional available connections to other research networks (e.g. FIRE).

The iGENI infrastructure will be integrated as an aggregate with the ORCA control framework in Cluster D. Through ORCA, available resources in iGENI will be discovered; services will be setup and managed; and individual traffic streams will be controlled and managed. This project will implement interfaces to ORCA that allow dynamic control of network services involving iGENI, associated transport resources and and GENI aggregates. It will be possible to setup services using prepackaged or customized configurations and topologies.

GENI/iGENI Testbed Connections

vlaninterfacelocation Alocation Z
"2701, 2702"1GEGISTKISTI
"2701, 2702"10GECANARIEStarLight
"462, 1548"1GENCKUNCHC
"462, 1548"1GEKUASNCHC
"452, 1548"1GENCHCStarLight
"347, 533, 869, 870"10GEiCAIRStarLight
"462, 3792"10GEiCAIRStarLight
"2712, 2780"10GEiCAIRC-WAVE
18101GEWayne StateMERIT
18041GEThe Ohio State UMERIT
"1804, 1810"10GEMERITStarLight
"347, 3792"1GEUCSDNLR
Dynamic10GENC State UBEN
"Dynamic, 869, 870"10GEDuke UBEN
"Dynamic, 533, 869, 870"10GERENCIBEN
"Dynamic, 533, 869, 870"10GEBENNLR
"Dynamic, 533, 869, 870, 3792"10GENLRStarLight
46210GEUoUtah @ MAXStarLight
Forthcoming1GEColumbia UNLR
Forthcoming1GEOK StateNLR

Operating Capabilities


MilestoneDate(IGENI: S2.a Define the iGENI infrastucture)?
MilestoneDate(IGENI: S2.b Cluster plan for VLANs between testbeds)?
MilestoneDate(IGENI: S2.c Integrate iGENI with ORCA)?
MilestoneDate(IGENI: S2.d Demo VLAN connections between GENI aggregates)?
MilestoneDate(IGENI: S2.e Demo VLAN connections including other research communities)?
MilestoneDate(IGENI: S2.f Control of iGENI via ORCA to GENI users)?
MilestoneDate(IGENI: S2.g POC to GENI response team)?
MilestoneDate(IGENI: S2.h POC to GENI security team)?
MilestoneDate(IGENI: S2.i Contribution to GENI outreach)?
MilestoneDate(IGENI: S2.j Explore dynamic L1 connections)?

MilestoneDate(iGENI: S3.a Demonstration at GEC9 and Experimenter Outreach)?
MilestoneDate(iGENI: S3.b Documentation and Code Release)?
MilestoneDate(iGENI: S3.c Demonstration at GEC10 and Experimenter Outreach)?
MilestoneDate(iGENI: S3.d Documentation and Code Release)?
MilestoneDate(iGENI: S3.e Demonstration at GEC11 and Experimenter Outreach)?
MilestoneDate(iGENI: S3.f Documentation and code release)?

Status Reports and Demos

4Q09 Status Report
1Q10 Status Report
GEC7 Demo Topology
GEC7 Demo
2Q10 Status Report
GEC8 Demo
Spiral 2 Review Slides

GEC9 Presentation
GEC9 Demo
GEC9 Demo Poster
GEC9 GENI Cloud Poster
IGENI: 3Q10 Status Report
4Q10 Status Report
GEC10 Presentation
GEC10 Demo Poster
GEC10 TransCloud Demo
GEC10 TransCloud Demo Poster
1Q11 Status Report

Technical Documents

StarLight: IEEE 802.1q VLAN-based R&E Network Exchange Services
GLIF: Integrating the World with Light
Starlight Engineering
StarLight GLIF GOLE, May, 2006
StarLight GLIF GOLE, ndl Description


Software Releases


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