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    2727The ProtoGENI node at I2 SALT is connected to I2's Infinera via its !ProCurve 5406 switch.  The same switch is also connected to I2's production IP/DCN network via I2's !ProCurve switch. 
    29 The !ProCurve switch also connects to Univ. of Utah's regional, UEN, at 10Gbps which runs to the Utah campus. Emulab at the Univ. of Utah has a dedicated 10Gbps link to the to the UEN handoff on campus.  The University - ProtoGENI connection currently looks like the following diagram:
     29The !ProCurve switch also has a connection to the University of Utah campus, which runs to the Emulab machine room. This
     30connection is made possible by Utah's regional network, UEN, and campus OIT.
     32This connection is currently implemented as follows:
     34  * Within the Internet2 suite in the SALT pop, a fiber is run from the `procurve-pgeni-salt` switch (port D3) to a
     35    distribution panel. This is a 10Gb port.
     36  * Level3 has run a cross-connect between the distribution panels in the Internet2 suite and the UEN suite, which is
     37    in the same building.
     38  * Within the UEN suite, a fiber patch connects the distribution panel to the UEN "summit" switch at 10Gbps
     39  * Packets from this cross-connect are carried up to campus on the 10Gbps connection used for all campus traffic. (In
     40    the future, we plan to carry this traffic on a dedicated 10Gb wave on a DWDM system.) "q-in-q" provider bridging is used
     41    to allow ProtoGENI to manage its own VLANs.
     42  * On campus, a fiber has been lit from the UEN switch in the EBC building to the MEB building (where
     43    the Emulab machine room is)
     44  * Within the Emulab machine room, the lit fiber lands on the switch `cisco12`
     46The connection looks like this: