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    2121== 1. Get GENI Credentials ==
    23 To access GENI resources, an experimenter must have GENI credentials!  Follow the instructions at SignMeUp.
     23To access GENI resources, an experimenter must have GENI credentials! If you don't have credentials, follow the instructions at SignMeUp.
     24'''Note:''' If you have an account with a Clearinghouse other than (e.g., you can still use Omni to reserve resources but you will not be able to complete the above two examples so we strongly recommend that you [wiki:SignMeUp sign up] with GPO's clearing house.
    2526The Clearinghouse must have a copy of your existing or newly generated SSH public key, which is placed on the allocated resource to allow access.  The Omni tools automatically upload your SSH public key when you create a slice, so if you plan to use Omni tools you can skip the manual SSH key upload. Without Omni tools, this is done manually by logging into the server ([ GPO ProtoGENI],[ PlanetLab], or [ Emulab]) and uploading the SSH keys that you will use to run the experiment.  For [ PlanetLab], the ssh key manual uploaded is in the ''My Account'' page in the ''keys'' section. For ProtoGENI [ Emulab], the manual key uploaded in the ''Profile'' tab in the ''Edit SSH Keys'' page.