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     1=== Layer 2 Connectivity Information ===
     2The following VLAN options are available for GENI Experiments:
     4  1. ProtoGENI VLAN (Internet2 only) available via the ProtoGENI [ Flack] client.
     5  2. !OpenFlow VLAN, current state available at GENI [wiki:NetworkCore Network Core] page
     6  3. Static VLANs which are setup for NLR, Internet2, Regional Providers, and Campuses.
     8If you are planning to use static or OF VLANs in your GENI experiment, you can reference the GENI [wiki:ConnectivityHome Connectivity Home] page for background and recommendations to set up GENI connections and experiments. Static VLAN are mostly set up as single or multiple VLANs that may or may not use VLAN Translation.  There are other options, which are less common and they include: Layer 2 Tunneling, Direct Fiber Connection, and Higher Layer Tunneling.  A high level overview of these VLAN connectivity options is available at the [wiki:ConnectivityOverview Connectivity Overview] page.  Detailed steps required to acquire various types of connections between two campuses are captured at [wiki:ConnectivityGuidelines VLAN Connectivity Guidelines] page.  Also for a list of supported !OpenFlow VLAN options for your campus you may refer to the [wiki:ConnectivityOptions Connectivity Options] page.   
     10To implement your VLAN choice you can contact [], with a request that defines your VLAN requirements. In the request you should capture the following details:
     11  * VLAN connection type [[BR]]
     12  * your campus VLAN details [[BR]]
     13  * the regional networks provider for the sites/campuses you plan to use [[BR]]
     14  * the national research backbone(s) for your sites.  [[BR]]
     15If you are not sure what Site/Regional/Backbone VLAN resources you are using, you can get assistance at [].
     17If you are planning to use !OpenFlow (OF) VLAN resources for your experiment you can use Omni tools to query and request OF resources from a site !OpenFlow Aggregate Manager. The [wiki:GENIExperimenter/ExperimentExample-OF GENI OpenFlow Experiment Example 2] page captures an OF Experiment and walks through the Authentication, Omni tools configuration, Resource Allocation, Opt-in Manager Administrative approval, up to running an experiment.
     19If you require help to set up your OF resources, support is available at [], where you will get support to get the OF VLAN resources needed for your experiment and provide the following details: resource needed, location of the resource, and experiment characteristics (Speed, Bandwidth requirements, etc).  Details required for the OF VLAN depend on the experiment, therefore the list of information required will vary for your experiment.  For additional information on how to configure Omni tools see the [ Omni OpenFlow] page for details.