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UNIX Networking CLI Commands

In addition to being comfortable with the command line, if you are doing networking experiments on GENI you need to be comfortable with some basic networking commands.

Some skills and command you should familiarize yourself with if you aren't already:

  • determining the hostname of the current machine (hostname)
  • listing and manipulating the configuration of the interfaces on your nodes (ifconfig)
  • testing connectivity (ping, traceroute, nc, iperf)
  • collecting and analyzing networking traffic (tcpdump and wireshark)
  • listing and manipulating your IP routing table (route)
  • listing and manipulating your ARP table (arp)
  • listing network connections (netstat)
  • testing connecting to individual ports using telnet (telnet)
  • DNS lookup (nslookup, dig)

Googling unix network commands will help you find many resources to learn about these topics.

Here are some brief overviews that may be helpful:

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