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UNIX Networking CLI Commands

All UNIX systems and their derivatives (i.e. the various flavors of Linux) have a built in command line interface or CLI.

Since all of the compute resources in GENI run some *nix flavor, it is important to be comfortable using the command line.

Some skills and command you should familiarize yourself with if you aren't already:

  • the configuration of the interfaces on your nodes (/sbin/ifconfig)
  • testing connectivity (ping, traceroute, nc, iperf)
  • collecting and analyzing networking traffic (tcpdump and wireshark)
  • listing and manipulating your IP routing table (route)
  • determining the hostname of the current machine (hostname)
  • listing network connections (netstat)
  • testing connecting to individual ports using telnet (telnet)

Google will help you find many resources to learn about these topics.

Here are some specific resources that may be helpful:

Have a network resource or command that you think should be listed on this page? E-mail