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How to use Omni during a Clearinghouse maintenance window

Problem Omni will download either you user or slice credential from the clearinghouse during each call you make to an aggregate. If the clearinghouse is down for maintenance, then you can't do this.

Solution If you download your user credential and slice credentials before the outage you can continue to act on and reserve resources at aggregates (although you can't make calls to the clearinghouse).

To download your user credential into a file: getusercred -o

To download slice credentials you might use during the window: getslicecred MySlice -o

In both cases, the output will tell you the name of a file where the credential was stored.

To use the credentials use the --usercredfile and --slicecredfile options with Omni. -a ig-gpo sliverstatus myslice --slicecredfile myslice-cred.xml -a ig-gpo listresources --usercredfile sedwards-portal-usercred.xml