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Notifying GMOC

If you are running a:

  • class using GENI
  • a GENI tutorial
  • running a potential disruptive experiment (bandwidth intensive, uses unique GENI resources, etc)

you should notify the Resource providers and the Meta Operation Center (GMOC) so that you get better support. This will ensure that:

  • resources are available for your event
  • your event does not conflict with any maintanance, outage, other GENI Event

In order to do that you should send an email to GMOC describing the resources you need. What you need for that email is:

  • type of event:

class, tutorial, disruptive experiment (include this information in the subject line of your email)

  • list of AMs you are going to use:

be as specific as you can and include number of resources (e.g. 20 VMs from GPO EG rack)

  • list of tools:

list any GENI tools you migt be using, e.g. portal, flack, gemini, gimi

  • scheduled time(s):

if this is not a one-time event include all the times you know about. If you are running a class and you have not finalized all the dates yet, its ok to update your ticket as you get more information

This is a template email

Subject: <Include "class", "tutorial", or "disruptive" in the description of the event in the subject>

<Brief summary>

Affected AMs: <list of AMs that you are going to use>
Used tools : <list of tools that you are going to use>

Scheduled time(s): <date and time (including time zone)> 

We would like the notification to show up as a GMOC ticket and to be
listed on the GMOC calendar.
Please also verify that there aren't any planned outages in the
underlying core infrastructure that would affect this <GENI Event Type>. 
For any questions please contact <>. 

<Your Name>