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    11= How to Create a Multi-Point VLAN On OpenGENI =
     4  1) Create a stitched slice between the two AMs, with one VM/bare metal on either side, but use the `-o` option to `stitcher` to generate the request RSpecs.  It places multiple rspecs in `/tmp`, one for each aggregate. 
     5  2) Using `omni`, delete the slice at the OpenGENI aggregate:   
     6{{{ -V 3 -a  <slice name>
     9     This will leave the stitched path to the other AM intact.
     10     You don’t want to delete the whole slice, just the bits on the Clemson OG AM, as we will upgrade this part of the slice. 
     11  3) Get the OpenGENI RSpec request from `/tmp`, which `stitcher` created, and edit it as follows: 
     12     a) Add as many VMs as you want, but make sure they have different names and IP addresses and at least one interface. 
     13     b) In the link section of the RSpec, add an interface for each VM. This will create a multipoint link. (OpenGENI supports multipoint links, though this might not be true for the rest of GENI).
     14  4) Provision this modified VM at the OpenGENI aggregate using `omni` (not `stitcher`).
     15     This new slice will be plumbed into the stitched path using the same VLAN as the original stitched slice.