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    5656If you used another tool to reserve your resources, then you should figure out how to get the output of the sliverstatus command. If you can't figure this out please send us an [ email] and let us which tool you used.
    5860==== Using Flack [Depricated] ====
    5961If you are using [ Flack] for building your experiment then in order to get the login name you need to load your slice in Flack and press on the (i) icon that is next to the node.
    6365'''Note:''' If you are on a Mac computer, or a computer that has [[ FireSSH] installed then you can directly use the 'SSH' button that is on the top on the information pane for the host.
    6568== 3. Get a copy of your ssh key ==
    114117If you are using PuTTY on a Windows machine, follow these steps:
    115    1. Make sure you have a Putty version of the private key. ''If you need to convert your key you can use  the puttygen program. For more information look [ here]''
    116    2. Create a new session that uses the username, hostname and port that you have gathered. Under the authentication menu make sure you point the key field to the key in the PuTTY-friendly format.
     118   1. Make sure you have a PuTTY version of the private key.  You can download this from the Portal; look for SSH Keys under your name.
     119   1. Run PuTTY.
     120   1. On the Basic options screen, in the Host Name field enter: <username>@<hostname>
     121   1. In the Port field enter the given port number
     122   1. Make sure Connection type is: SSH
     123   1. Under the settings categories on the left navigate to Connection-> SSH ->Auth.
     124    1. Next to the "Private key file for authentication" field at the bottom, click Browse... and select the private key file you saved to your computer, and click Open.
     125    1. Click Open to establish the SSH connection.
     126    1. If prompted about whether you trust the host (key not cached in registry), click Yes.
     127    1. When prompted for the Passphrase enter your passphrase.
     128If you see the shell command prompt, you have successfully logged-in to the node.
    118131===== FireSSH =====