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    44= Login to GENI hosts =
    55When you reserve nodes through the GENI AM API, you can login to your nodes using [ `ssh`]. You get access to reserved hosts only through [ ssh keys]. This page will give you some useful tips about how to login to your nodes.
     7In order to login to your nodes you need the following things:
     8 1. an '''ssh client'''
     9 2. your '''login name'''
     10 3. your '''ssh key'''
     12== SSH Client ==
     13Depending on which OS you are using there are different ssh client options.
     15==== LInux/Mac OS ====
     16All linux and Mac distributions come with a built-in ssh client, just open a Terminal and type ssh, you should get the usage for the ssh command.
     18==== Windows OS ====
     19There are multiple windows ssh clients. A list of some popular ones can be found [ here]. Some commonly used options are:
     20 * [ Cygwin]: a complete Linux-type environment that also includes an ssh client. If you have already installed cygwin on your host then you should just run it and follow the instructions for Linux for the rest of the instructions
     21 * [ Putty]: a lightweight free ssh client. '''Note:''' If you are using Putty you will also need to download puttygen to convert your private key to putty's format.
     23== Get your Login name ==
     24== Get a copy of your ssh key ==
    726== Omni Reserved Hosts ==