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    169 Now you can simply run `ssh <your_alias>`, where <your_alias> can be any nickname you choose. In this
     169Now you can simply run `ssh <your_alias>`, where <your_alias> can be any nickname you choose.
    171 This way requires you to add an entry for each host you have, given that the hosts that you reserve each time won't necessarily be the same, this process might end up being tedious and create a very big configuration file. Another way is to add your IdentityFile as a global parameter so it is used as an authentication method when trying to login to any host. Add these lines on the top of your ssh configuration file:
    172 {{{
    173 IdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_rsa
    174 IdentityFile <private_key_location>
    175 }}}
    176 The downside with this approach is that now this change affects your authorization to all nodes, not only GENI ones.
     171=== Logging in to host behind firewalls ===
     172Some hosts in GENI are behind a firewall. A notable example are the ProtoGENI hosts that are located in I2 PoPs (Wide Are ProtoGENI nodes), which are accessible through Internet's 2 IP network. In most cases where nodes are behind a firewall, there is one or more machines that are accessible from the public internet that can be used as "stepping stones", to access these machines. Currently in GENI the two most common cases of nodes that are behind a firewall are:
     173   * '''Wide Area ProtoGENI hosts in Internet 2 PoPs''' : Any node in Utah can be used as