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How To Reserve and Delete Resources using an Existing RSpec

Any resource reservation tool will allow you to reserve and delete resources using an existing resource specification (RSpec).

Reserving resources with an existing RSpec

Using Flack

Using the Portal

  1. On the slice page, click Add Resources.
  2. In the page that comes up, select an existing RSpec from the pulldown menu or upload your own using the "Select from file" option.
  3. Click Reserve Resources.

Using Omni

Using an RSpec stored on your local machine:

omni createsliver myslice path/to/my.rspec -a myagg

Using an RSpec available via a url:

omni createsliver myslice http://path/to/my.rspec -a myagg

Deleting an existing reservation

Using Flack

Using the Portal

Using Omni

To delete a reservation

omni deletesliver myslice path/to/my.rspec -a myagg