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Viewing Client Video on Your Local Machine

For demos and testing it is frequently helpful to view a video or other display that would be on a client machine.


  • There is a server running an apache server or equivalent
  • There is a client that is able to access the server via the data plane
  • You can SSH to the client from your local machine using a command like the following
    ssh -p 34106
  1. Create an ~/.ssh/config contain the following (or append the following to an existing config):
    Host vlc-client
      # The IP or hostname of the client you want to view the video from
      # The SSH port of the client you want to view the video from
      Port 34106
      # Your SSH username
      User jdoe
      # Pick a port to forward from your local machine; IP address and port of the data plane address of the server you are trying to connect to
      LocalForward 6080
      # The private ssh key you want to use to connect
      IdentityFile /home/jdoe/.ssh/id_geni_ssh_rsa
  2. On your local machine, run:
    ssh vlc-client
  3. Leave the SSH connection open
  4. On your local machine, browse to:

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