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    1 This page describes how you can connect to a GENI channel (chat room). Currently we are using jabber to communicate. Jabber is a an instant messaging technology that is based on the [ XMPP] open standard.
    3 In order to connect to a channel you need to follow these steps :
    5 === 1. Get a jabber account ===
    6 Unlike other IM protocols, Jabber is decentralized, meaning that there is no central server. If you have an account to any
    7 server that talks XMPP you should be able to connect to the GENI chat rooms. GTalk is using XMPP and thus you can use
    8 your Google Account to connect. If currently you have no account on any XMPP server you can get one at [].
     3This page describes how you can connect to a GENI channel (chat room) for real-time conversation and help about GENI.  Currently we are using the Freenode IRC network (``) to communicate.
     5= Connecting to IRC =
     7In order to connect to a channel you need to follow these steps:
     9== 1. Download an IRC client ==
     11Most multiprotocol IM clients support IRC natively.  GPO staffers have experience with [ Adium] for MacOSX, [ Pidgin] for Windows/Linux/MacOSX, and [ Irssi] for Linux.  You can find a long list of IRC clients [ on wikipedia].
     13If you are new to IRC, see the [#UsingIRC Using IRC] section.
     15== 2. Connect to the freenode IRC network ==
     17Using your client, connect to `` with the nickname you would prefer to use.  Help on connecting is available [ here].
     19You don't need to register your nickname in order to use freenode, but it ensures that you can use the same nickname every time you connect.  Per [], the one-time process to permanently register your current nickname is:
     21/msg nickserv register <password> <email>
     23Use a valid e-mail address, since freenode will send a confirmation message to the address you list.  (Note: this sends a private message to nickserv; it will not be displayed on the channel you are looking at.)
     25Once you have a registered nickname, on subsequent logins, send:
     27/msg nickserv identify <password>
     30At present, GENI discussion channels are open, that is, you do not need a registered freenode account to join a channel.
     32== 3. Join a channel ==
     34In IRC, join a channel using:
     36/join <channel>
     38The primary GENI discussion channel on freenode is named `#geni`.
    11 === 2. Download a jabber client ===
    12 You can find a list of clients that talk the XMPP protocol at the [ XMPP website].
    13 Although gtalk is using the XMPP protocol, the gtalk client will not work. Example clients are [ Adium] for MacOSX and [ Pidgin] for Windows/Linux/MacOSX.
     41= Using IRC =
    15 === 3. Join the channel ===
    16 Start your client and enter your account information. Then in order to join the channel you would need the chat room name
    17 and the server, which is ''''''
     43Your IRC client should have a box into which you can type text.  Most things you type will appear in the active channel or conversation window you are looking at.  The `/` character is special in IRC.  If you type a line starting with `/`, most IRC clients will interpret it as a command, and either execute that command or pass it along to the IRC server to which you are connected.
     45Here are a few IRC commands which may be helpful.  Some IRC clients may not interpret these commands in this way, but most will.
     47|| '''Command'''               || '''What it does'''                                                                                                                                                                                ||
     48|| `/join <channel>`           || Join an IRC channel.  Your client will probably open a new window or tab for the new channel                                                                                                      ||
     49|| `/msg <nickname> <message>` || Send a private message to a user.  This will not open a new window or tab, but the message you send will go to the user you name, not to the channel which is visible in your client at the time. ||
     50|| `/query <nickname>`         || Open a new window or tab for a private conversation with a user.  This does not actually send the user a message, but simply tells your client to open a window.                                  ||
     51|| `/topic <topic>`            || Change the topic on your active channel (if you have appropriate privileges)                                                                                                                      ||
     52|| `/help`                     || Learn about available commands not covered here                                                                                                                                                   ||
     53|| `/msg nickserv help`        || Learn about nickname registration commands provided by the freenode nickname server                                                                                                               ||