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     1This page describes how you can connect to a GENI channel (chat room).
     3Currently we are using jabber to communicate. Jabber is a an instant messaging technology that is based on the [ XMPP] open standard.
     5In order to connect to a channel you need to follow these steps :
     7=== 1. Get a jabber account ===
     8Unlike other IM protocols, Jabber is decentralized, meaning that there is no central server. If you have an account to any
     9server that talks XMPP you should be able to connect to the GENI chat rooms. GTalk is using XMPP and thus you can use
     10your Google Account to connect. If you don't currently have an account you can get one at [].
     13=== 2. Download a jabber client ===
     14You can find a list of clients that talk the XMPP protocol at the [ XMPP website].
     15Although gtalk is using the XMPP protocol, the gtalk client will not work. Example lients are [ Adium for
     16MacOSX] and [ Pidgin for Windows/Linux/MacOSX].
     18=== 3. Join the channel ===
     19Start your client and enter your account information. Then in order to join the channel you would need the chat room name
     20and the server, which is ''''''