Add a User to a Slice and existing Slivers

Note:This will only work in Aggregates that support poa geni_update_users. As of 2015-03-20 this is supported only in IG/PG/Emulab-based aggregates.

It is possible to add a member to an existing slice (using addslicemember) and then add that member's account and keys to existing slivers (using poa geni_update_users). However, since it is difficult to get the options correct for this sequence of calls, there is a script called addMemberToSliceAndSlivers which does this combination of steps.

poa geni_update_users

To add current slice members to existing slivers, use `poa` by running:

omni -V 3 poa myslice geni_update_users -a myagg --useSliceMembers

To add a new member to a slice and then any existing aggregates, run: myslice username
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