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Project Title

The Hive Mind: Applying a Distributed Security Sensor Network to GENI
a.k.a. HiveMind

Technical Contacts

Principal Investigator Sean Peisert Sean Peisert

Participating Organizations

Department of Computer Science
University of California, Davis
One Shields Ave.
Davis, CA 95616-8562

Deborah Frincke
Richland, WA

Carrie Gates
CA Labs, CA Inc.
New York, NY

GPO Liaison System Engineer

Vic Thomas


This work will develop and prototype a security layer underlying GENI that will allow providers of the system to collaboratively identify and defend against attacks and misuse of GENI resources. Specifically, the effort will develop prototypes for security monitoring, evaluating, and reporting software that could be useful to both GENI experimenters and GENI operations. The effort will also perform experiments using decentralized security algorithms that communicate between sensors in a federated system and evaluate and improve the security layer’s usefulness to potential security experimenters. The project team will collaborate with other teams to develop a security architecture for GENI.

Current Capabilities

BRIEF descriptions of resources/functions/tools that are available to anyone in the GENI community


MilestoneDate(Hive: S2.a)? Selection of control framework for initial deployment.
MilestoneDate(Hive: S2.b)? Design specification for security framework.
MilestoneDate(Hive: S2.c)? Very early prototype of monitoring software and distributed sensors.

MilestoneDate(Hive: S3.a Demonstration and outreach at GEC9)?
MilestoneDate(Hive: S3.b Plan for evaluating efficacy of Hive Mind)?
MilestoneDate(Hive: S3.c Demonstration and outreach at GEC10)?
MilestoneDate(Hive: S3.d Demonstration and outreach at GEC11)?
MilestoneDate(Hive: S3.e Paper on Security Experimentation with GENI)?
MilestoneDate(Hive: S3.f Deliver software and documentation)?

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Spiral 2 Connectivity

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